Open the damned footbridge already!

The John Street Bridge from the Weston Road side.
The John Street Bridge from the Weston Road side.

Somehow, bureaucrats at Metrolinx and the City of Toronto have been having a little standoff over who exactly should do what in terms of maintenance and other responsibilities when the footbridge connecting the two isolated sections of John Street finally opens. They don’t give a damn that people are being inconvenienced after years of construction dirt and noise. God forbid they would do the decent thing and open it under a temporary understanding. No, these two unaccountable behemoths would rather the public be held hostage while they slap each other privately with their white gloves.

May I point out to the warring parties that the people who own the damned bridge are sick and tired of excuses for the lack of action. You couldn’t even agree to get the bridge to cross all the tracks! Get the damned thing open. Oh and by the way, politicians and other assorted hangers on, don’t you dare have a ribbon cutting to take the ‘credit’ for opening the bridge two years late! I promise to be there with a bullhorn if you do.

5 thoughts on “Open the damned footbridge already!”

  1. The route has been closed for so long that people have found workarounds. They’ve probably given up on the thing. I’ll probably not use it that much but I cared enough to write about it from Marseille.

  2. It’s a disgrace that what was a connecting pedestrian route is now unavailable, although finished, although irritatingly long in the construction and mess and noise is now a dead end, and cuts Weston Road off from Rosemount.
    And thanks for highlighting this, Roy; I certainly know lots of people needing that access.

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