Opposition bubbling to gas plant

Community opposition to the Eglinton LRT gas plant is growing. Several community groups, including the 12 and the MDCA are have called a meeting for next Tuesdy to spread ‘the latest word’ on the generators. 

From Riley Peterson
Metrolinx plans to build an 18MW natural-gas power plant at the Moint Dennis station. It would be used in the case of power failure–but also when electricity is expensive. The Mount Dennis Community Association is, quite rightly, opposed to the idea of a polluting, carbon-emitting generator in the neighbourhood. 

Metrolinx has not, as far as your correspondent is aware, been very forthcoming with their policies. I think that few people would object to a backup power plant used only when the system fails. Conversely, everyone, would be upset by its regular use: that would, after all, be asking our community to subsidize the city with our lungs. 

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.