Opposition continues

A local group—as yet unknown—has started circulating a flyer advocating against the 30-storey apartment, storage space, and cultural hub. The flyer, which was dropped in my mailbox yesterday, asks residents to send in their comments before the November meeting of the Etobicoke York Community Council.

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Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Opposition continues”

  1. excellent.
    time to stand up against poor development because a couple of people think its the best thing since slice bread. silly that the community is being pitted against each other. no matter who you ask they all respond well its not the best development buts its something. seriously? why does Weston settle for second grade? where do I sign?

  2. It’s all about Section 37 of the Planning Act – the agreement says if there are no extra storeys added to the building, there will be no “public goods” such as Artscape. It’s a way that giant corporate developers can “buy out” of zoning by-laws.

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