Opposition to 96 John

Community members are petitioning to stop the severance of 96 John St. The owners asked the city to allow them to split the property into two, and to build another house with a shared driveway.

The houses would be violating several planning rules; in short, they would be too big for the properties.


In other planning news, Frances Nunziata says that the developers of 8 Oak Street (the Satin Finish property) are asking to change their plans. Now they want a  “mid-rise development” instead of 3-storey townhomes.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Opposition to 96 John”

    1. Doesn’t matter….what it encompasses, since Weston is all in favour of more and more rental towers on that side of the tracks. The townhomes would be better. Also, not understanding why its an issue to split the property, i think its more about it being on the wrong side of the tracks.

      1. There is no such thing as “Weston” being in favour or in opposition to something. You should be more specific. For example, I know that a lot residents on the east side of the tracks, including myself, are opposed to more low-cost rental towers on the west-side of the tracks. This has been voiced at public consultations and on this forum.

        Perhaps you should change your handle to “vagueuntruthteller”?

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