Options For Homes: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Weston.

Options for homes has written an article entitled, ’10 Things You Didn’t Know About Weston’. It’s a nice tribute to the area where they will be erecting a 22-storey, 233 unit building at 10 Wilby Crescent.

Read the article here.

Readers, do  you agree? What did they miss? I’d like to correct the 15 minute time to Union – it’s actually 14 minutes and while we’re timing things, 11 to Pearson and only 6 minutes to Bloor.

The Masonic Building at 2040 Weston Road. (Google Maps)

Personally, I’m fascinated by the mysterious Mason’s building at 2040 Weston Road. I’d love to get a tour one day.

7 thoughts on “Options For Homes: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Weston.”

  1. only ever in the basement of the mason hall for Christmas parties when I was very young

  2. They should of mentioned one of the poorest ridings in Ontario, terrible planning led to garbage lining weston rd and Jane st……one of Drakes originals home…..

  3. “What did they miss?” Their statement that “Weston … was incorporated as a town in 1881 and remained independent until 1967, when it joined the former City of York.” Weston was incorporated as a village in 1881 and as a town in 1914. Of course Weston joined the Borough of York in 1967 as that borough did not become a city until 1983.

  4. Nice, flattering article.

    How ’bout this possible omission – although it doesn’t look like the old high school, Weston Collegiate is one of the oldest schools in the GTA – that did have a few famous and many successful people attend class at WCI over the generations.

    Quite obviously, it’s not the same CCM “hockey town” school it once was in the days of the old village. But, does it not have a unique distinction of having one of the very few internationally recognized curriculums in the GTA – the International Baccalaureate program?

    Seems to me that could, or at least should be considered a pretty nice feather in our neighbourhood’s cap, n’est pas?

    Plus, it’s located in a very nice and central spot within Weston. And, not every highschool can make that kind of geographic claim.

    1. You old folk living in the past. Past successes do not console me enough to turn a blind-eye to the current garbage that is the state of Weston.

      1. AMEN!! Finally someone speaks the truth….There are a few in this community that act like the community saviors, yet those same folks are all for lining Weston Rd with crappy rental towers just so they can get their name in the newspapers…..

  5. “Hope is not optimism which expects things to turn out well, but something rooted in the conviction that there is good worth working for.”

    Seamus Heaney
    (Irish poet)

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