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On Monday, May 2, democracy is calling. Voters have a realistic choice between incumbent Alan Tonks (Liberal) and longtime resident Mike Sullivan (NDP).

Conservative candidate Jilian Saweczko has played a peek-a-boo campaign – if anyone has seen her please would you let us know?

The Green’s Sonny Day struck us as a true gentleman but is very inexperienced and will need some time to learn the ways of politics.

Let’s look at the two front runners:

Career politician Alan Tonks, has been the Liberal member for York South-Weston since 2000: half of that time as a government MP and half in opposition. In all that time, there has been no great achievement on which he can stake a claim. In fact, since 2000, York South-Weston has continued its steady decline. While his style is congenial and he is by all accounts well-liked in Ottawa, as has been pointed out in WestonWeb, Mr Tonks is the Liberal who voted with the Tories more than all but one of his colleagues. Tellingly, Mr Tonks no longer resides in his own riding.

Mike Sullivan has worked hard to bring improvements to Weston and was the NDP candidate in the 2008 election. For the past seven years he has worked to bring some transparency and accountability to the Air Rail Link project and has battled to make it an asset to Weston rather than a source of noise and disruption. As head of the grassroots Clean Train Coalition, he applied pressure (with some success) to electrify and/or cover the line so that Weston residents would not be subjected to the noise and pollution of diesel locomotives. It was through such activism that the Air Rail Link was pressured into stopping in Weston rather than barreling straight through. We need continued advocacy to ensure electrification now, not at some future date as well as minimizing disruption to residents. He is also working to bring jobs to the empty Kodak site.

Sullivan is intelligent, articulate and well-informed. As a Weston resident of two decades’ standing, he knows the issues.

We need a strong, knowledgeable, well-spoken advocate for Weston with a proven record of getting things done. Alan Tonks’ would be a great MP for Rosedale where everything is going swimmingly, but Weston is in dire straits and we need someone who can advocate with knowledge, passion, intelligence and forcefulness. The fact that Mike Sullivan is a long-time resident is another plus.

WestonWeb’s endorsement therefore goes to Mike Sullivan.

3 thoughts on “Our Election Pick”

  1. Thanks for your thoughtful analysis and comments — I hope many people in the riding read them. I wholeheartedly agree with them.

    I just did some research on the Conservative candidate. Parachute or non-resident candidates are the worst thing for a community like ours especially ones who have no experience or interest in the community they wish to represent. Ms. Saweczko has not once come to my door, left any information nor has she attended either of the debates in the community even after accepting the invitation. Hmmm? What does that say about commitment to one’s commitments? Not much in my books.

    I would have preferred the Conservatives NOT run a candidate here so that those votes can actually go to someone who does care instead of just a wasted vote to an absentee candidate. If that is the kind of leadership we can expect from the Conservatives, it is no wonder it is always a minority government.

    So for all those staunch Conservatives out there – please vote FOR your community instead of against it. Because it is a wasted vote on a candidate who did not work for your vote. Carpetbaggers need not apply for this job!

  2. I was doing some research online about weston and found this website. It looks very informative.

    Is democracy served if one less candidate runs? Or do you advocate this postion to ensure your candidate wins? The best candidate will win regardless of how many people runs against him / her.

    Yes, York South Weston is unique and needs attention but a case can be made that every riding is unique and needs attention. We all want a job and a nice neighbourhood to live in.

    I like Mike Sullivan because he is dedicated to york south weston NOT because he lives in york south weston. I like Alan Tonks because he has served the residents who have elected him for the past 3 decades. And yes, I like Ms. Saweczko and Mr. Day because they are brave to put their name forward.

    Would it be fair to say that york south residents can only get a job in york south? NO!


  3. Ashley: Are you saying that someone living outside the riding should represent the riding, when he has no idea what it’s like to live there?

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