Our name is mud

It must be a slow summer for news because the mud in Weston has made it to the majors. The Star ran an article last week about the stuff. It was, as you’d expect, sympathetic.

Then the National Post caught wind of the mess, and Chris Selley wrote an amazingly ill-informed opinion piece. (Ignorance is a wonderful for clarifying one’s opinions, and Selley has very clear opinions.)

He says that the dust in Weston is a sign of progress. In a bravura display of factlessness, he says that we are NIMBYs about noise “fences” (they are walls, and Westonians don’t care) and about diesel fumes emananting from the tracks “next to which [we] chose to live”.  He says we shall be well compensated by an ARL that, by his own admission, will be slow, expensive, and serve only one terminal—it will, though, have “steel wheels” and by the all-day service to Kitchener—which isn’t happening.

There’s no point arguing with people like this. Like climate deniers, they get off on being contrarian. Saying he’s wrong only makes him more sure that he’s right. You can’t fight trolls. You have to starve them.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Our name is mud”

  1. It’s like he just read the Star article and decided to go on a rant without actually doing any research.

  2. I agree Chris, he just read the Star article and nothing else.

    I have to say that having lived in Weston almost my whole life this construction and what it is doing to the community is a big reason I am pushing my spouse to move out of Weston.

    It breaks my heart but I do not like where Weston is going with this train issue, the “destruction” (for lack of a better term) of the village and shopping here, which, besides a few main stores that have been here forever (Squibbs being one) there is NOTHING here anymore.

    Combine that with the gangs, thefts and squalor we are seeing on Weston Road there isn’t much to keep people here or bring people back.

  3. Chris Selley is one of the least informed ‘columnists’, if one can call him that at the National Post. As I noted in the Clean Train Coalition’s Facebook page, it’s like he didn’t even bother to do any research (surprise, surprise!) including reading the many columns published by his own paper. The Star article was poorly written (which is not like Tess) and made the Turjanski’s sound like whinging complainers. Selley picked up on that and nothing else.

    I have lived through 2 major transit projects, one being the Lawrence subway station being built in the early 1970’s right under our building on Yonge St when I was a little girl and then the tragic Eglinton subway dig which was filled in. Both caused dust and drama but this Metrolinx project has far and away put the community’s patience on a very short tether with no clear benefit showing at the end. From not being listened to, to having the project change hands, to being behind schedule and then just not being worthy of the money being spent, Metrolinx has failed and continues to fail every community along the Corridor, especially Weston. All we can do is continue to speak out and write in to papers, etc. when they call us NIMBY’s or worse. One day, when this is finished and out there for the public to see where their dollars went, we will be vindicated, I have no doubt! They will see the Emperor has no clothes. As well as the lipstick on the pig called the UP Express or as we have taken to calling it: the UP-Yours Express.

    P.S. thanks for the mention in the above post! Please don’t move — there are good things happening!!

  4. Suri, just ’cause Selley was misinformed in one article doesn’t make him the “least informed ‘columnist'”. He’s actually a very good columnist. If someone writes something bad about Weston, it doesn’t always mean that they aren’t “informed”.

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