Padovani support surges

At the end of September, a Mainstreet poll found Incumbent councillor Frances Nunziata with 40% of the vote, fellow incumbent Frank Di Giorgio was at 30%, Lekan Olawoye at 7.2 and Chiara Padovani at 3.8.

In the latest Forum poll, Nunziata has kept her commanding lead over other candidates with 39% but Padovani has built support considerably to 20% with Di Giorgio’s support slumping to 19%.  The margin of error would mean that Padovani and Di Giorgio are in a virtual tie for now.

Padovani’s campaign manager, Riley Peterson told me today that she believes the surge in her candidate’s support comes as a result of intense organizing and canvassing.

The Forum poll is several days old so there is a chance for things to change over the last few days before Election Day on Monday 22nd. It remains to be seen whether Padovani can continue to pick up support from people who want to see change in Ward 5. On voting day it will also be important to persuade people to make the effort to vote. In 2014, nearly half of voters stayed home in what is now Ward 5.

Ms. Padovani should also hope for fair weather – apparently, bad weather favours incumbents. Monday’s weather looks to be partly sunny with a chance of showers.

In other Ward 5 news, Cycle Toronto has released the results of a questionnaire regarding cycling in York South-Weston (Ward 5). Only one candidate bothered to respond to the survey – Chiara Padovani.

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23 thoughts on “Padovani support surges”

  1. “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.”

    This community “news” blog is entirely bereft of legitimacy… you’ve become nothing but an “advertising” platform for Padovani… We all know Paul’s connections run deep behind the scenes, so just cut the pretense

    1. Ronnie – please…why keep someone in power for 30 plus yrs no results???? please out with the old in with the new…..time to retire these old blah blah councillors.

      1. Interesting poll results… I don’t live in this ward but I drive through different parts of it several times per week and I was under the impression that Chiara Padovani is in the lead, based on the numbers of the lawn signs on private lawns and fences (the huge number of other candidates’ signs on public lots and construction sites doesn’t count, because anyone can just come and stick them in the ground, knowing that city doesn’t enforce the rules).

    2. Or… the problem is that the publication of a poll which explicitly omits one of the primary candidates (Lekan) could be interpreted as an effort by this blog to deliberately SKEW public perception…

      just sayin…

      1. Lekan wasn’t mentioned in the CP24 news article and Forum Research hasn’t published the poll so he’s presumably behind the other candidates. I’d be delighted to publish Lekan’s poll results when they are published.

          1. Do you seriously not comprehend the distinctive differences between a blog and an accredited media outlet? I don’t expect that you do, which, coincidentally, likely explains your strong political loyalties.

            “Here’s the politician, so oily
            It’s served with a doily
            Have one, put it on a bun
            Well, you never know if it’s going to run.”

          2. Oh the differences are patent, hence my suggestion they simply drop the pretense (and the byline). And “Sweeney “ , you have no clue as to my political leanings, you’ve simply castigated me (as all zealots do) for calling an obvious foul play in the public realm, and not falling in line heel and toe. I, like many ysw residents, am quite moderate / left leaning. The tactics employed by the ndp triumvirate in the community actually end up working against them… time and again it seems (your intimating at Nunziata supporters being sub human is a good example)

    1. Sadly you will encounter nothing but that rhetoric here… the irony is thick and palpable; if even a sliver of the vulgarity and misogyny directed at Frances by the so called “progressive” contingent was instead directed at Chiara… wow

  2. A fine taste of the mindset of Nunziata loyalists, depicting their ruthless 30 year chameleon-like veteran as a “victim”, and how people who want her turfed must obviously belong to some sort of conspiracy. If you encounter nothing but rhetoric here at Weston Web, what do you encounter from a 30 year political incumbent ? Honesty? Truth? Please…..

    In essence, what you are trying to peddle here is that Goliath is David, which is completely absurd.

    I think the main bloggers for Weston Web have been completely honest and transparent regarding their concerns for both York South Weston and Nunziata. You can easily click on her tag and read up on why.

    Lastly – when I attended the candidates debate last week, I unexpectedly met the author of this piece. In fact, I somewhat accidentally took his seat just before the debate began. I moved and sat beside him, and it took full restraint to not hit him up for play by play analysis of the debate. Roy was busy listening and transcribing onto his phone (at lightning speed). I for one respect his dedication, and appreciate the service he offers to the community.

    I’m clearly not a Nunziata supporter, and honestly can’t grasp or relate to people who see her as political royalty. Both her and Frank are living examples for why we should have defined term limits in municipal politics. In days of old and across the pond, the wooden stake was an effective means of dealing with with such siphons. Unfortunately, according to Forum Research, 39% of Ward 5-ers seem to be willing to expose their succulent necks. Alas.

    “For what’s the sound of the world out there?
    Those crunching noises pervading the air…
    It’s man devouring man, my dear
    And then who are we to deny it in here?”

    1. “the wooden stake” – so, burning them alive is where your partisan fueled enmity has taken you? Congratulations… you’ve just gone well beyond the pale and cemented the commenters original point.

      Simply. Amazing.

      1. In the spirit of Halloween, I was more aiming for a vampire motif (hence – “siphon” and “succulent neck”).

        So no – “burning them alive” is an incorrect assumption. Vampires are considered undead, and it is believed that a wooden stake to the heart is the only way to dispense of them from feeding off the populace. Holy water and garlic is believed to repel them, but there is great debate amongst experts as to whether it can destroy them.

        Personally, I like to keep my bases covered, so I dip my wooden stakes in a garlic – holy water solution before chasing creatures of the night.

        I hope this clarifies any misconceptions.

  3. I see you’ve removed Gabriella’s post… the one calling out the implicit racism and white saviourism evidenced in this blog, by its contributors, and by the Padovani “campaign trust” in general… well done chaps, well done…

    Though I’m sure it’s been screen capped somewhere…

    1. That post by “Gabriella” was a nasty smear job in the most personal way against Roy Murray’s good name. I’m glad it has been taken down. If the idea behind it was sanctioned by one of the campaigns, then I’ve lost all respect.

      We should collectively be applauding the incredibly diverse array of council candidates here in YSW, including more than half of whom are racialized and two of whom are young progressive women. Instead one of these women — a child of this community no less — is denigrated for the colour of her skin and for the fact she lived elsewhere in the world for a few years (because that’s where her husband is from).

      Shame on you, anonymous posters! At one time, I was an avid fan of your preferred candidate. He would’ve made a great Ward 12 councillor. Unfortunately, his campaign this time has been guided by a harsh, negative undertone that I can only assume is an effort to pander. How very, very sad and such a wasted effort.

      1. Oh Paul, pulling the strings in the background. Playing the old “reverse racism “ card huh? You know that’s not actually a thing that exists in the real world, don’t you? You may not have a firm grasp on intersectionalisn, but I assure you that many of us do. Let’s see, you have a post removed that thoughtfully, pointedly, and topically calls out a display of white-colonial-saviourism… in an effort to protect the “good names” of a cohort of colonists attempting to tell the colonized what’s best for them (and yes, I lump you in with them).

        This isn’t going to go your way Paul.

        A colonized, original inhabitant who intends for the colonizers to find this (soon to be deleted) post disagreeable

        1. “Disruptor”, please stop being so cowardly with your insinuations and accusations. Post with your real name! I’ll bet you’re an anonymous bully-troll on social media, too.

          As for your perceived notion of conspiracies and my vast influence, thanks very much. I’ve clearly had an impact on you.

          Have a good weekend. And remember to vote on Monday.

          1. My name is Mary Blackhurst, originally of the onʌyoteˀa·ká· nation. Local resident for 25 years. I work with indigenous ex-offenders in reclaiming & securing their identities and rights post-release. And I have indeed made clear accusations – ones that are rooted in observations of implicit and complicit colonial attitudes and behaviours. Insinuations? I think you should look up that word, because although my “accusations” may be unpleasant… they are pointed and direct nonetheless.

            Looking through this (and other) comment threads on this blog, YOU Paul and your cohorts appear to be the ones frequently engaging in ad hominem attacks and name calling. You have most recently called me “cowardly” and a “bully-troll”… ironic, don’t you think?


            And by the way, Paul, I actively encourage indigenous peoples (especially women) to protect their identities online as much as possible… anonymity to many of us is a necessary shield, whereas you seem to enjoy weaponizing it.

        2. While I did not read the “Gabriella” post that triggered all of this, I think it is nevertheless important to poke a few holes in the “white saviourism” approach (that appears to target the author of this post).
          Have you somehow forgotten, that up until a couple of months ago, the battle lines for this campaign were very much different?
          That is to say – Roy displayed his preference long before the wards were merged, and a more serious non-white candidate was thrown into the mix.
          This is not an opinion – you can verify this by reading his older posts.

          In order to believe your inter-sectional twist (that Roy’s primary motivation is to support white institutions and white candidates), we’d have to ignore the historical reality of how the wards were merged.
          Is it not more reasonable that Roy would stick with his original choice than to believe it was his alleged institutional racism guiding his thought process?

          It is extremely disappointing to see the inter-sectional card played here, as it really cheapens an important concept (for the purpose of smearing).

          Meanwhile, the Premier of Ontario chuckles. Mission Accomplished.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I think it’s time we discussed these important issues in person, perhaps while raking leaves, baking cookies, or having a cup of good coffee.

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