Get your Free Money

The government of Canada has announced that it will be providing all tax filers in Ontario with Climate Action Incentive Payments (Climate Payments)

But, in order to get the payment, which itself is tax-free and doesn’t affect other payments such as Old Age Security, you must file a tax return.

The amounts are not staggering but they are something. The first individual gets $154. The second gets $77 and the third and subsequent gets $38. So a single mom with two kids will get $269. There are no strings attached.

Many Weston residents are living on Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program. Some of those people do not file taxes, as they think it doesn’t matter. It does. Each will get the Climate payment so long as they file taxes.

Filing taxes is lots easier than it used to be. Besides filling in the paper form available at the Post Office, you can file online using E-File software, there are free tax clinics, such as at Weston Library, which you can find out about by dialing 211, and some low-income individuals can file by phone (File Taxes by Phone) .

Tax season starts on Feb 18, so many of these services will not be available yet. But make sure you get your free money!

Fundraising tops $10,000 for fire-displaced family

Community members have donated more than $10,000 to support the family displaced by a house fire at 43 Lambton Avenue.

From Erin Ronningen

14 people in one extended family, including 8 children and 6 adults, were the victims of a fire that left them with virtually nothing. The Black Creek Alliance started the fundraising effort five days ago to raise money that would help them with “a new place to rent and get themselves organized and back on their feet.”

As of this morning, the community had donated $10,150 to the family, surpassing the $10,000 goal. Donations are still warmly welcomed.


Hussen in hot water again

Ahmed Hussen, our MP and the Minister of Immigration, is in hot water again, this time for lying about the Conservative plan to deal with asylum seekers coming to Canada.

Hussen said that the the Conservatives “don’t have a plan. You know what their plan is? To militarize the border and place a CBSA official or a RCMP official every 100 metres” he said. “We don’t have the resources for that kind of half-baked, impractical plan.” He went on to say “I hope they can bring concrete, reasonable proposals to the table.”

Almost none of what he said is true. The Conservatives do not have a plan to militarize the border. They want to renegotiate the Safe Third Country Agreement, which has a glaring loophole.

Michelle Rempel, the Immigration critic, said,

“I am extremely disgusted by the desperate attack against our responsible plan to secure the border from Justin Trudeau’s Immigration Minister today. Rather than solve the problem they have created, the Liberals are determined to direct attention on anything but their failures to solve this crisis.

In the past, Hussen has called his critics “un-Canadian” and has long been needlessly combative.


Reading, STEM clubs

Frontlines and the Weston Library have started some neat new programs.

The library has started a book club for kids.

The library also has a club for those of us a little too old to be wimpy kids.

And, finally, Frontlines is starting a STEM program for kids, which willrun on the third Thursday of every month. The workshops are organized with STEMHub.

Some comments on commenting and contributing.

Weston Web has been ‘on the air’ since 2010 when Adam started to write about things going on in his neighbourhood. Very few corners of Toronto have such a source of local news and we’re proud of that fact. Hundreds of articles have been written about the Weston / Mount Dennis community and all of them are still accessible through our search function. We make no secret of who we are and what we think. We’re opinionated and unabashed centre-lefties and we often think our leaders can do better.

Readers may believe that we are not fans of certain politicians. That’s not quite true. We attempt at WestonWeb to make our points by attacking ideas and actions rather than the people behind them. We almost always support our opinions through facts and links to other publications. As I mentioned, we stick our names on top of articles we write because we’d like to see our neighbourhood get a better shake and we’re not ashamed to be identified.

We have a comment section after each article because readers often add to a topic – sometimes providing insights far better than anything that we could come up with. Commenters can remain anonymous if they wish.

We get the occasional ugly comment after a WestonWeb article. Such ‘contributions’ attack the authors or people mentioned in the article. We also get unsubstantiated smears on our community as being crime-filled and run down – false notions that we have refuted extensively. Adam generously ‘disemvowels’ such comments, while I zap them out of existence without a trace.  These people never identify themselves and I can only infer that they do not want their family, friends or neighbours to know that they hold such opinions.

On the other hand, our comments section receives some fantastic well-thought out ideas from readers, many of whom identify themselves. To these people, thank-you. We value your opinions even though don’t always mesh with ours. Some of our commenters have become guest writers and we cherish their contributions.

If you think you can contribute to our community discussion, we welcome your ideas. Write for us if you think you have a few articles in you and if you’re commenting; don’t be Anon or Anonymous. We’d love it if you could identify yourself or failing that, give yourself a consistent handle so readers can follow your ideas.

Mount Dennis family loses “everything” in 3 alarm fire

A Mount Dennis family has lost “everything” in a three-alarm fire, according to CTV News.

The house at 43 Lambton Avenue was completely destroyed, though everyone in the 14-member extended family escaped without injury.

“First my mom opened the basement door and then the fire started to come up, so they ran outside,” Patricia Dinai said, translating for her Hungarian-speaking father.

The family was able to escape without injury but lost everything in the fire.

From Erin Ronningen

“We lost every paper, every ID,” Dinai said. “Everything…

Erin Ronningen, of the Black Creek Alliance, has started a fundraising campaign for the family. It has raised about $4100 of a $10,000 goal. The BCA is also accepting donations of winter clothing at St Mary and St Martha Anglican Church, at 1149 Weston Rd.

Marc Dunn, from the Fire Investigation department, is looking for photographs of the fire. “Any information that may aid in our investigation to determine the origin and cause of the fire would be much appreciated”, he wrote. If you have any information, you can call him at (416) 803-9143.

Events this week

On Tuesday, January 22nd, Jennifer Arnott will host a talk called “Private Space for the Public Good: Your Yard Can Make a Difference”

Does your yard make your neighbourhood better or make it worse? Learn how your choices contribute to or combat flooding, extreme heat, pollinator health, and community health, and, hear the story of the impact of one Toronto front yard garden.

The meeting will start at 8:00 p.m. in the hall at Church of St. Mary and St. Martha, at 1149 Weston Road.