Upcoming event

The Weston Historical Society will be hosting its annual Hymn Sing on December 5. They are also

looking for two people to tell their Christmas memories… We would prefer the memories be of Weston but they don’t have to be.  They should be no longer than 5 minutes and can be about anything related to Christmas.  They don’t have to be of long ago, just good memories from the holidays.

Farmers Market ends its 39th season.

Weston Farmers Market traders prepare to close their stalls for the 2018 season.

The Weston Farmers Market closed for the season yesterday and there was a good turnout despite the rainy and cool weather. Next year the market will return to John Street after an absence of three years and will open its 40th season on Saturday, May 11 at the new Weston Hub location.

West22 model suite open.

Landscaping work was taking place this morning in the space between the the Weston Hub live / work artist residences on the left and the West22 building on the right.

If you want to get an idea of what the rental suites will be like when the new apartment building on John Street opens early next year, head down to the model suite at the end of John Street just before the footbridge.

Property managers Rhapsody are positioning the apartments as, ‘Resort style rental living with access to everywhere’. Suites in the building range from ~400 sq ft studios at $1383 monthly to ~ 11oo square feet 2 bedrooms for $2463 monthly. The model suite shows very well and will be retained so that prospective residents can see the features without bothering existing occupants. All suites come with stainless kitchen appliances, quartz countertops and a stacked washer – dryer. Building amenities include a gym, urban cafe, media room / resident lounge and pet lounge. Another big selling point of the building is the 7-minute walk to the Go Train and UP Express.

The Leasing Centre is open from 10-6 weekdays and 10-5 on weekends.

Check out the various models and prices here.

A word about comments

Perhaps it’s the election, but I’ve noticed that a few comments on the site have been rather negative and adversarial—even sometimes a touch unkind. I wonder we could all take it down a notch.

Comments are troublesome all over the internet, and here much less than most; I thank you for that. Nonetheless, I’m going to propose a model for us all to follow: that of a dinner party.

People are polite when they go over to another’s house. Roy and I, and our wonderful contributors, have put quite a bit of work into putting this all together for you.  We are delighted to have you visit, and we’d love to have you stay—as long as you bring your manners.

I mean this seriously, and it will be the test I apply when I decide whether to delete comments: if it wouldn’t be welcome at a dinner party, it’s not welcome as a comment. I shall delight in deleting and disemvowelling boors.

And, of course, people get heated and even angry at parties. I understand. But I think we can see it as regrettable rather than inevitable. Challenge ideas that you disagree with rather than people. You’re here for cocktails, not keggers. Slips will be tolerated.  Blockheads will not.



Councillor Nunziata; it’s legacy time.

The results are in and the unfair effect of name recognition was once again an overwhelming factor in Toronto elections. The two incumbents in newly created Ward 5 topped the poll despite spirited campaigns, especially from Chiara Padovani and Lekan Olawoye. Even Frances Nunziata must have realized during her campaign that there was a yearning for change. Indeed, the vast majority of voters chose another candidate. About 68% of electors who bothered to vote, chose someone other than her.

Now for the more depressing part; voter participation was significantly down across the city and fewer than 38% of YSW eligible voters bothered to vote according to my calculations. The average for Toronto was about 41%. In effect, Ms. Nunziata retained her job thanks to about 12% of electors.

Given the march of time, Frances Nunziata only has a few years left at council before she retires or a more compelling candidate beats her in an upcoming election. What will be her legacy? Frances herself struggled to list her accomplishments when debating other candidates. Many pointed to the decline in Weston’s fortunes over the past several decades of her tenure. Weston and Mount Dennis are slowly beginning to emerge from years of neglect and disinterest, mainly thanks to the UP Express, all day GO Train service and the expansion of the city to the suburbs; none of which she can legitimately claim credit for.

It’s not all bad; there are some minor achievements – will she be remembered for the Weston Common / Hub / Storage Unit? Remember, the original concept was for an arts and cultural centre and year round (indoor outdoor) farmers market. What about the car-focussed community centre at Black Creek and Eglinton? There are critics of both of these projects while others have a legitimate claim to shared parentage.

The original Weston Hub concept as it was sold to the community. (Click to enlarge)

There are some notable failures on her record. The persistent flooding in parts of the ward surely should have been fixed by now. The shabby public domain and the lack of progress on a bicycle network are two others that quickly come to mind.

Frances began her political career as a corruption fighter, exposing and taking on crooked politicians. That reputation is long behind her. Now she is best known for her role as Council Speaker. There are many critics of her voting record which was the closest of any councillor to that of Mayor Tory – over 90% of the time. This blog has long criticized some of her positions which often seem to work against residents who are struggling.

Speakers are chosen by a council vote. Given the dramatic changes to Council, it will be interesting to see if Ms Nunziata can win a third term in that prestigious yet challenging position. Now that Mammoliti has gone, the job may be a lot more attractive to others in the chamber. Losing the Speaker’s job would certainly give her more time to work on the larger ward she now governs.

Regardless; for this new term, Ms Nunziata needs to find bold projects that inspire and uplift our community if she is to be remembered for anything other than her long years in office. Whether she can do this over the next four years remains to be seen.

I for one hope she can.

Nunziata wins

Frances Nunziata has won the 2018 municipal election for Ward 5, with about 32% of the votes cast. She had a comfortable lead over her challengers:

  • Frank Di Giorgio received about 22%
  • Chiara Padovani received about 20%
  • Lekan Olawoye received about 15%.

While she loped to an easy win, in the past, Nunziata has received Turkmenestani-proportioned mandates, so this election represents a startling rebuke.

The challengers also clearly gained a lot of ground over the past month. Early polls showed them having only slivers of support. Padovani, in particular, went from 4% to 20% support. Olawoye’s share doubled in that time.