Crime lately

Last week, we reported that there may be a reason to be cautious in the neighbourhood; the principal of CR Marchant said in her blog that two children had been followed home, and people had heard about the incidents on Facebook.

However, Frances Nunziata’s office says “I have confirmed with a Sergeant at 12 Division that they are not aware of any suspicious individuals around CR Marchant School.”

Your correspondent wonders if this is all gossamer spun from the rumour mill.  Dear reader, have you yourself spoken to a police officer about this unsettling case? Leave a comment if so.

In other crime news,  honestly, it’s been pretty lousy lately. A car was found with bullet holes in the Pelmo Park area, shots were fired on Romanway Crescent, and there have been—dear god—five shootings in the southern Weston area in the past month.

Your correspondent, for one, is looking forward to hearing from our candidates on this issue.

Who would you vote for?

I think that York South—Weston will have a tight race to the finish. Mark DeMontis is the first PC candidate to actually campaign, and he’s a hometown boy. Laura Albanese is a strong incumbent with a distinguished record, but she’s part of a brutally unpopular party. Faisal Hassan is supported by a surging NDP, and is in a left-leaning riding, but my hunch is that he’s not well known.

So, I propose we try a little bit of unscientific surveying. If the vote were today, who would you vote for?

Please, feel free to share this survey with your friends and enemies–but don’t fill it in more than once. Why ruin the fun for everyone?

Update: We can’t have nice things.

I’ll post the results in a week or so.

York South-Weston now a safe NDP seat?

US political site has an article commenting on the current provincial election campaign. Apparently the Ford name has piqued interest down there. The author, Canadian political commentator, Doug Johnson Hatlem claims that no Liberal seat in Ontario is safe and that York South-Weston has become a safe NDP seat. The author states that when families get together over a long weekend, they have a chance to mull over the political situation as a group and opinions become firmer.

Read his article here.

Letter of the week – Farmers Market

This week’s letter comes from ‘Anonymous’ and comes up with an excellent idea about the Weston Farmers Market that is obvious in hindsight.

As the new Weston Hub moves closer to opening day and its new facilities are taking shape on the ground rather than on paper, it’s becoming harder to imagine the Weston Farmers Market shoehorned into its future designated space.

The planned 2019 home of the Farmers Market.
The space that traders have enjoyed at the UP Express location. (file)

There are plans to have landscaping in front of the rental tower building and along the walkway to the footbridge that will eat away precious available space and although there has been a suggestion that the market be allowed to spill over onto adjacent John Street, it is clear that traders will have to scale back their stall space. This may make Weston’s market not worth the bother.

It has been proposed that the market spill over onto John Street.

Another factor is the noise. Traders begin setting up the market from 5 am. This is a noisy process and may disturb homes overlooking the site.

What’s the solution – well, that’s proposed in the letter of the week.

“I wonder if the folks at Weston Lions Arena were asked to share their lot for the neighbourhood market?

Way back in the olden days, was it not known as the Fair Grounds?

Wouldn’t that be a nice venue – right in the river valley, away from the very tired looking Main Street area.” – Anonymous

The Weston Lions Arena parking lot.

The idea is worthy of consideration. The space is huge,  further away from residences and as the arena is closed from April until October, it is a natural fit with the market. Adjacent to the parking lot is nature in all its glory, a splash pad, playground, tennis courts, soccer field and during July and August, the open air pool is open, there adding to the festive atmosphere. As an added bonus there is plenty of parking.


Local lawyer wants to be mayor of Toronto

Saron Gebresellassi (from Facebook).

High flying local lawyer, 31-year old Saron Gebresellassi is running for mayor of Toronto. She came from Eritrea to Canada as an infant in 1989 and according to an article in The Lawyer’s Daily, her impressive list of accomplishments ranges from fluency in six languages to classical piano and flute playing. She graduated debt free from three universities thanks to winning several private scholarships. While she’s unlikely to defeat the incumbent, she will no doubt raise the profile of York South-Weston and introduce some important issues into the campaign.

Today in Weston / Mount Dennis May 19, 2018

Eglinton Flats: the weather may have been dismal but plant hounds were taking advantage of the Roselands Horticultural Society’s annual plant sale. Yes, that’s Frances Nunziata on the far left.

Roselands Horticultural Society was founded in 1926 and operates in Mount Dennis. The society works with schools in the area and also with the Long Term Care Facility at West Park Hospital.

Members meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month at  the Church of the Good Shepherd, 1149 Weston Road. 7:30 pm.