Missing boy

The police are looking for Zak Jjuuko, 10, who was last seen on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. around Weston Road and Jane Street.

He is 4’6”, “with a thin build. He was last seen wearing a school uniform: grey sweater with orange patch on the sleeves, white shirt, and black pants.”

The police are concerned for his safety.

If you see him, you can call the police at 416-808-1200.

Happy birthday to us!

If I remember it right, we were walking home from the Farmers’ Market nine years ago this weekend, when I asked my wife what she thought about me starting a blog about Weston.

I’m pretty sure we were walking under the mulberry tree on Elm (I love mulberry trees) when she asked me what I would call it.

“WestonWeb?” I said.

She thought the name was stupid. I remember that clearly. She’s probably right.

But it stuck, and nine years later, we are still the best blog about Weston. Happy birthday to us!

Most nine-year-olds have different tastes from us, so it’s hard to find a gif.

York Memo salvageable

While parts of York Memorial had to be demolished during the two fires at the school this week, the Globe and Mail reports that the school will stand. Hooray!

But despite the charred interiors, scarred walls and water damage in the basement – which was almost filled with water – early assessments by engineers are promising, a Toronto Fire Services platoon chief told reporters at the scene. It looks like the building can be saved.

Firefighters battling York Memorial fire
Photo from Muller Zergaber

Farmers Market opens for 2019

The Weston Farmers Market opened its 40th season on a crisp and sunny morning. This year, they are located in the Weston Park Baptist Church parking lot next to the one they were in last year (UP Express). Next year they will move to the Weston Hub on John Street.

Kazro sells some lovely bling.
Grandpa Ken is wisely still in Florida but his family are serving the same delicious back bacon sandwiches.
The Organic Chef has delicious baked goods.
Kayla Jardine was doing a brisk business selling original wall plaques.
Lincoln Line Orchards is back.
Handmade jewellery from Sterling Silva.
Honey from Sunderland Hives.
Joe Gaeta (with moustache) is back!
Thames River Melons is back for another season.
The Egg Man is back.
There is music!