Shakespeare In Action is now Weston based.

Shakespeare in Action is a community group dedicated to making the works of William Shakespeare accessible to young people.  Yesterday, SIA announced that after 30 years as an itinerant company, they now have a home in Weston at the new Artscape Weston Common. They have also acquired office space at the Central United Church just a short walk away.

Read more in the Star here.

Car insurance

Our expensive car insurance is back in the news.

As many Westonians know, car insurance here is rather dear. I pay about $210 a month for one car, and I’m 44, with no accidents and no tickets.

It seems a lot, and I’m not the only one to think so.

The Star says that Ontarians pay the highest premiums in the country, and we in Weston spend more than average. It’s because, the Star says, insurance rates are determined by postal code. Parm Gill, a PC member from Brampton, is looking to change that by introducing Bill 42, which will forbid “postal code discrimination”—a bill that, to my mind, rather loosely throws around ‘discrimination’.

The critics quoted in the Star were not kind. They point out that insurance is a zero-sum game: if we pay less, someone will pay more.

Fire at Plank Road building

There was a fire this week at the Plank Road building, one of Weston’s hidden gems.


CTV News has video of the fire,  though they describe the building as an “abandoned house”. That’s not accurate.

Image from Wikipedia.

The building is one of the oldest in Canada—in fact, it predates Confederation by a quarter century, and it was named for the plank road  made there that ran through Weston—part of an ingenious, if misguided, way to build roads on the cheap.

The building has, however, been abandoned for at least 20 years.

Frances Nunziata says  “I was on site during the fire and spoke to the Deputy Chief of fire to request a full report on the incident, which we expect to receive shortly. The damage was primarily contained to the interior of the Heritage designated building. Following the report, I will arrange a meeting with the city’s Preservation Services as well as the Weston Historical Society to determine how best to move forward and address the damage.”


Weston Road Flows: tons of fun

UrbanArts launched “Weston Road Flows”, a Myseum showcase, last night. The Myseum program makes “museums without walls” across the city, and UrbanArts’ gallery is an audio exhibition that blends interviews, spoken word, and beats. It’s totally worth checking out over the next two weeks.

The launch last night included performances from musicians and spoken -word artists, and boy, was it fabulous. It was a warm, welcoming party of truly gifted performers. Each of them took the stage for only a few minutes, but any of them could have stilled the room all night.

Wanted man surrenders


Dwayne Banfield, who was wanted for an assault of a police officer, turned himself in Tuesday.  Police had appealed to the public to find him.

According to The Star, he was “charged with one count of assault on a police officer causing bodily harm, one count of escaping lawful custody and one count of obstructing police.”