Lot division on John

The owners of 135 John have asked the city for permission to sever the property and build two townhomes on the site. If approved, the new homes may be a bit like a bear on a bike: too large, and out of character. (They will need exemption from city bylaws governing lot size and greenery).

What say you, Westonians: what room is there for densification in Weston?

Thanks to J for the tip.

Shots fired at Weston and Lawrence

Nine shots were fired on Monday near Weston and Lawrence. Nobody was injured.

The perpetrators should be put behind bars for a very long time for their murderous, reckless behaviour.

But, contrary to what I’ve heard people say, Weston is not getting worse. It’s getting better.

This is only the fourth time police have responded to shots fired in Weston or Mount Dennis this year, and there has not been a single homicide (touch wood). The leafy, lovely Humber-side area of Etobicoke has had three shootings, by way of perspective, and Jane-Finch has had 15.

Shootings in Weston this year. The one circled, on Jane, is two incidents, but I don’t know which side of the yellow line they happened on, so I split the difference.

Shootings in 12 Division, of which Weston is a part, are also down over last year. Crime, including murders, has been on a secular, nation-wide decline for three decades.

Shootings are awful, traumatic, and community-hardening events. So thank goodness we are having fewer of them.

12 Division shootings YTD
12 Division shootings YTD


Hussen much in the news on immigration plan

Ahmed Hussen, our MP, and the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, was much in the news this week as he announced the national immigration plan, which will see about one million immigrants arriving over the next three years.

Hussen said “As can be seen in the global environment, there are more and more countries that are closing their doors to people, they are closing their doors to talent and to skills, and, yes, to those who are seeking protection from persecution. We are emphatically and unapologetically taking the opposite approach.”

He told Power and Politics that “Immigration is a great tool for our economic growth” and that immigrants will help us with a declining ratio of workers to retirees.

Responding to a question about the roughly 40% of Canadians who oppose immigration, he said “I can tell you our settlement and integration services are the best in the world…. We can always do more and better, but let’s not kid ourselves, Canada is a global leader when it comes to welcoming and integrating people and making sure that they reach their potential.”


Upcoming events

Frontlines is hosting an annual fundraiser before the Santa Claus Parade on November 26.

Frontlines youth chefs from our Catering Careers Program presents its first Annual Holiday Brunch on Sunday November 26th at 1901 Weston Road, Toronto , ON from 10 am to 1 pm, just before the Weston Parade.

Come and enjoy a delightful array of Caribbean and Canadian Christmas Brunch items
Tickets are $20


The Weston Historical Society will be hosting their 37th Annual old fashioned Christmas Carol and Hymn Sing on Wednesday, December 6th at St. Philips Anglican Church, 31 St. Phillips Road, at 7:00 p.m. The theme this year will be “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”

Donations of non-perishable foods can be will be accepted at the church for WAES (Weston Area Emergency Support) Refreshments will be served after the meeting.

Olympic Variety robbed

Olympic Variety, at King and Elm, was robbed yesterday at about 2 in the afternoon. The suspect had a gun, according to police. Nobody was injured.

The police response was swift: many police cars, tactical officers, detectives, and the canine squad were on scene within minutes.

Distracted Walking – local pols get it wrong.

From closerangesafetytips.wordpress.com

Two local politicians apparently are so confused in their thinking that they can’t distinguish between the dangers posed by a pair of feet and a car. Both Councillor Frances Nunziata and Etobicoke MPP, Yvan Baker seem to believe that distracted drivers present the same danger to life and limb as Instagram-surfing seniors. Baker wants to pass a law that would penalize distracted pedestrians. Neither he nor Ms Nunziata seem to have bothered reading the studies that have shown distracted pedestrians pose a threat only to their auto-correct software. It’s no surprise that the two politicians live in the outer suburbs and have the mentality that cars are the only way to travel. Had Ms. Nunziata, and for that matter the Liberal Party of Ontario, supported decent funding for the TTC during their respective decades in office, young Mr. Baker might not feel the need to drive from Etobicoke to Queens Park on a regular basis – presumably while carefully avoiding legions of zombified pedestrians hurling themselves at his car.

The Star goes into fuller detail here, noting that most pedestrians killed and injured on our streets are seniors and more likely to be focussed on surviving the all-too-brief pedestrian crossing times rather than sexting their besties.

Will Weston become a food desert?


The Greenland Food Market property has been sold and the business was recently put up for sale. What will become of food shopping in the walkable areas of Weston? The GF supermarket building is large – it once housed a Loblaws and has an excellent selection of produce and ethnic foods and spices. It serves hundreds of people within walking distance. The next nearest supermarket is the Loblaws Superstore at Weston and the 401 which is a considerable way when carrying groceries. The term ‘food desert‘ has been applied to areas in the U.S. where there is a lack of a healthy variety and selection of food. Weston may be in grave danger of becoming a food desert when Greenland Farm closes.

Greenland Farms produce section (file).

The GF site owner and developer has shown some attractive artist renderings indicating that a food retailer may be occupying the ground floor of the proposed high-rise. The bottom line is that the attractive drawings are done purely to attract support for the project. The actual building may be completely different. Without a legal requirement, the developer has neither wish nor obligation to specify the businesses that may lease space in their building.

Let’s hope that our councillor is working to ensure that vibrant and varied food sources are available in the densely populated parts of Weston and Mount Dennis.