Nunziata Pressures Payday Lenders

Payday loan companies (PLCs) paint themselves as businesses that help out people in times of need. They also claim to help people with middle class incomes. Since the province legalized¬†their brutal rates of $21 per loan of $100, PLCs have proliferated. Incredibly that loan rate in real terms is 120,000% annually. PLCs claim that the … Continue reading “Nunziata Pressures Payday Lenders”

Payday loan companies; blight or blessing?

Do you know the difference in rates between a credit card cash advance and a payday loan? Payday loan companies (PLCs) say that they have independent surveys that show their customers are aware of the costs of loans and that people choose PLC services because of the convenience. Critics say that PLCs prey on the … Continue reading “Payday loan companies; blight or blessing?”

Pressure lightens on payday loan shops

Toronto City Council has shot down proposals from the Etobicoke York Community Council that would have pressured payday loan operations. Last month the Etobicoke York Community Council started pursuing the payday loan shops sprouting up around Weston. There are now at least 10 within walking distance. These shops cash cheques and give extremely high-interest short-term … Continue reading “Pressure lightens on payday loan shops”

Nunziata concerned about payday loan shops

Weston likely has more payday loan shops than any other part of Toronto. That may change, if only a little, as loan businesses come under increased pressure from local government. For a large fee, payday loan shops will convert a post-dated cheque into cash. They are often used for short-term ‘cash crunches’, when a person … Continue reading “Nunziata concerned about payday loan shops”

Sullivan documentary shines light on poverty.

Last night, former NDP MP Mike Sullivan presented a 45 minute documentary, created as part of his masters degree work at York University. The documentary, entitled, ‘Being poor makes you poorer’, focussed on the plight of the poor, with appearances by¬†ACORN Canada activists, Ebony Menzies and Jeffrey Stern who are on the Ontario Disability Support … Continue reading “Sullivan documentary shines light on poverty.”

New Year Predictions

As the new year progresses, it’s probably a good time to make some local and not so local predictions for 2019 and beyond. Where we are right now. During the regimes of the late Rob Ford and current mayor John Tory, Toronto has suffered almost a decade of austerity. Now that we have a premier … Continue reading “New Year Predictions”