One week left. I forgot camp.

I’m sweating about summer. I’ll be running the daddy daycare, and there is no more churlish wretch that a descreened tween, so I am dreading the hard hot launch of summer in a few days.

If my kids end up bored, though, I have only myself to blame. There’s lots to do in Weston and Mount Dennis: daily swimming, twice-weekly programming at the Weston library, coding classes on the weekend in Mount Dennis, and regular events around town.

I’ve made a calendar (I left off their planned morning calisthenics and algebra drills), and I’ll try to keep it updated.

All the events are free or cheap, for kids, and within the neighbourhood. If you want to add it to your phone, go for it, and if you have any fun things to do, please god, let me know!

Celebrate Canada Day at Weston Lions Park

There will be lots to do this Canada Day and, not to be outdone, Weston will have a celebration at Lions Park.

I say this truthfully: I think our celebrations always punch way above our weight. Last Canada Day at the park was a cracking party, but I expect this year will be just bonkers: we are promised live music, bouncy castles, and, of course, a fireworks show at 10 pm.

Interesting Fact

From City of Glendale California.

There are plans to put a leash free dog zone in or near Woolner Park. Construction will start in July according to Councillor Nunziata. Apparently dog license fees help pay for such structures.

Number of people in Ward 11 (2011 census): 62,385.

Number of dogs currently licensed in Ward 11: 1205.

Let’s hope all those using the new zone have licensed their dogs.