Weston and Mount Dennis are sparkling

The Weston and Mount Dennis areas are (a little more) sparkling after community volunteers took to the parks, alleys, and streets this past weekend as part of a city-wide cleanup.

About 12 people turned up at Elm Park in Weston, and more kids and adults at the park joined in as the day went on, according to Patricia Videla, who organized it. They certainly stayed busy. “Some of the participants headed to the old hospital site to clean while the rest of stayed back at Elm Park.  Afterwards, we all headed to Pelmo Park to pick up rubbish.”.

Another group, including volunteers from the WKNC, tackled the area around the BIA, and the indefatigable MDCA will this weekend have the last of its five cleanups at the Eglinton Flats SE entrance.

From Nunziata’s Twitter
WKNC volunteers
From Nunziata’s Twitter

Stolen cars

There has been a rash of stolen cars in the past two weeks: at least four have been stolen from Weston, and two more have been stolen from the Weston area.

stolen cars
Purple dots are stolen cars

The rash of incidents may have come to a spectacular end last night: thieves fleeing police crashed a car stolen from our neighbourhood. They crashed while being followed on the 401. The suspects fled on foot but were arrested.


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Lost dog


A Weston owner needs help in returning this little guy home to safety.

The dog’s name is Arnold and is a golden brown/red 20 lbs Terrier mix. He is very afraid of people and is possibly hiding in a backyard or under a deck.  The main intersection he was last seen at was Weston and Lawrence.

If Arnold has been seen or found please contact Grace Downey at (647)-523-1926.


Spring with sopranos

April 21st marked Weston Collegiate institute’s annual spring concert. The night was a blast filled with choir, guitar, orchestra, band and solo performances. The fun began at 6:30 with an amazing performance from the Weston choir. The audience was swaying and singing along to songs such as Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles and Seasons of Love from Rent!

As the first half of the concert progressed the acts kept getting better! Several solo acts performed songs on the piano, and sang before the first half closed with an amazing performance by the strings orchestra.

Mr. Nadalin, the school’s music teacher, then invited the crowd to the bake sale and art show, in the cafeteria. The art show consisted of everything from acrylic paint on canvas to crazy designs made in Photoshop, and everything in between! The school has countless artistic classes including visual design, photography and visual art. Every arts class submitted the best works made by students. Crowds were drawn to the beautiful artwork and students whose work was on displayed excitedly showed their friends and family. After the excitement from the art had subsisted, audience members filled back into the auditorium for the second half of the concert.


The students came back strong with solo acts performing songs from the Beatles, Bruno Mars and even One Direction! Then came on the concert band, one of the highlights of the night. Concert band is made up of every student who take music at Weston and has jazz, string and percussion instruments. They started off their act with a bang, literally! They played Bang Bang by Jessie J, followed by Yesterday by the Beatles and Gangnam Style by PSY.

As the concert band finished, the jazz band began! The school’s jazz band is made up of the best musicians in the school, who play jazz instruments. They wowed the crowd with hits like I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles, Final Countdown by Europe and 1989 in dedication to Prince. They closed their amazing performance by playing Shake it off by Taylor Swift, featuring a killer clarinet solo.


The night was a huge success, according to Mr. Nadalin and the musicians. “[the concert] is the highlight of the year for me. It always brings the band and school together and everyone has a great time.” Stefan Thomas, a grade 12 student, stated. Concerts at Weston are a tradition the mood stayed high throughout the school even after the event had concluded.

“These four years working with Nadalin was amazing. I’m so sad that this is the last concert I’ll be in at Weston.” Toruna Deokaran.

Weston Collegiate never fails to put on an amazing show and community members, parents and students alike, know for a fact that any event the school puts on will be a great time. Everyone who attended the concert agreed they wished the musicians didn’t take a rest, so they could enjoy their music for longer!

This post is sponsored by:  Patricia, who thinks that you should get out and enjoy the Humber River.    

Hussen defends refugees

Ahmed Hussen, our MP, spoke in the House this week about the deaths of 400 refugee-applicants off the shore of Italy.

He said “I urge Canada to provide leadership and work with our international partners to ensure that those fleeing persecution have safe passage to countries that guarantee them the protection they are entitled to under international law.”

Quite so.

Last month he was pleased to meet the Turkish autocrat Erdoğan, whose government in February locked out  35,000 Syrian refugees fleeing bombardment.


Weston home prices leap 27%

Townhouse under construction on the old Beer Store site on Weston Road.
Townhomes under construction on the old Beer Store site on Weston Road. Units were priced from $399,900 and are all sold out.

According to an article in the Globe and Mail, between the December quarters of 2014 and 2015, Toronto home prices increased by 9.04%. During that same period, the price of homes sold in the Weston M9N postal code jumped from an average of $367,045 in the quarter ending December 2014 to $464,958, a startling increase of 26.7%. The M6M code to the west which includes part of Mount Dennis has done even better with an average increase of 33.2%.

What does this mean? Weston and Mount Dennis are among the last few relatively affordable areas left in Toronto. Compared to the rest of the city, prices are low and people are desperate to get into the housing market. Homes are being snapped up before they become out of reach.