Hussen meets with Erdoğan, Turkey’s repugnant autocrat

Ahmed Hussen, our MP, met with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on April 2. Hussen said on Twitter:

“Great mtg w Turkey’s President Erdoğan. Excellent discussion on ways to strengthen Canada-Turkey relationship.  I also lauded his amazing work in rebuilding Somalia.

2Erdoğan is a corrupt autocrat, who

These facts are well established—The Economist had a special issue on Turkey in February, calling it a “sultanate”. Erdoğan’s takeover of Turkey’s biggest newspaper happened in March and drew international condemnation.

I asked Hussen whether he discussed press freedom and human rights with Erdoğan. Hussen did not respond.

A big welcome!

Westonians, please extend a big welcome to Lieselotte (Lilo) Noort, our newest writer!

As you may know, Natalie, our last wonderful student writer, is graduating and moving on to bigger, better things. She has handed the pixels to Lilo, though, who will ably fill the big space she leaves.

Lilo is in grade 10 of the IB program at Weston CI, and she is a fearsome polymath. She loves English, history, photography, visual design, 90s punk—and rugby.  She’s going to bring us stories you’ll be delighted to read: sports, schools, restaurants, and more. I’m thrilled. I know you will be too.

Her work is brought to you by your generous donations—so thank you, thank you, to those who have donated already. I can’t tell you how great you are. If you feel like donating, but haven’t yet,  I promise you that every cent you give will go straight to student writing, and, in exchange, I can offer you a link, a blurb, or an ad over there on the right. Join in!




Weston Rugby: A legacy

By: Lieselotte Noort

“Rugby? That’s like football, right?” Is a common phrase heard by every rugby player.

On March 30, rugby players at Weston Collegiate Institute got the devastating news that their beloved sport would not be running a team for the spring 2016 season.

rugby 7s 2015 guys
Junior boys rugby October 2015
Coach Bould with the junior girls rugby team.
Coach Bould with the junior girls rugby team.

Spring Rugby requires a minimum of 25 committed players. But this season, both girls and boy’s teams were short by just a handful of people. The team was puzzled at why interest in the sport was down this year, and were enraged that they were going to miss out on their adored sport.

The season that took place in the fall of the current school year was extremely popular and successful. The junior and senior girls had a great victory throughout the two-month season, with the senior team winning one game and tying another. The junior girls, whose team was mostly made up of beginners, suffered only one loss. In the past the school has been even more successful with their rugby teams.

For some, Weston Rugby has been a part of their family for generations. The current captain of the senior boy’s rugby team, Julien Crisante is a 2nd generation Ironman. Weston has offered a team for well over 20 years, and the current coach, Mark Bould, has been part it for ten. “In all my years of coaching at Weston, I’ve never had to not run a spring team…I’m just as upset as you are” Bould stated.

The team has impacted many students in the school, and though it may seem to be ‘only one season’ of a sport missed, players are heartbroken that the team is not going to be run this spring. “Rugby isn’t just a game to me, it’s a family that has your back on and off the pitch. I have yet to come by another group of young women as strong, committed, empowering and fierce as my fellow Weston female ruggers” said Bhonita Singh, who has been playing Weston Rugby for 4 years.


With rugby being one of the most well known, and formerly one of the most popular, sports at Weston, the whole school is startled by the news. Although this loss is not forever, the Ironmen are all saddened by the state of the team this spring.

“I guess we can always join soccer!” stated many players who previously loved to say “Rugby is a hooligan’s sport played by gentlemen, and soccer is a gentleman’s sport played by hooligans!”



This post was brought to you by: Maureen Lennon, who loves Weston and great writing.

Payday loan shops face push

City Council is considering a motion to space out payday loan shops. The motion would force money stores to be separated by at least 400m and increase the licence fees from $1000 to $3000. The motion was seconded by Frances Nunziata.

There are at least 10 cheque-cashers and two pawn shops in Weston. This bylaw would not affect them; it will only affect new businesses. 

The law will reduce the number of cheque cashing businesses, but will likely enrich the existing owners by reducing competition.

The motion would also ask the province to reduce the interest rate to 35%. It will also build encourage credit unions and banks to set up (or not leave) priority communities, like our own.

Finally, it will ask the feds to look into a postal bank—an idea recently championed by ACORN in Weston.

Hometown boy fights Ali: news from 50 years ago

Today is the 50th anniversary of an fight that made boxing history. George Chuvalo, who raised his family in Mount Dennis, fought Muhammad Ali to a 15-round decision on March 29, 1966. Ali was in his prime; Chuvalo took the fight on 17 days notice.

After the fight at Maple Leaf Gardens, Ali went to the hospital. Chuvalo went out dancing with his wife. Ali said Chuvalo was the toughest guy he ever fought.


4 injured in brawl on Rosemount

Four people were arrested and two have been charged after a stabbing in an apartment building on Rosemount at around 9 pm last night.

The police say that a group of people was fighting, and three people were stabbed. They have serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.

If you have any information, the police would like to hear it.

Thanks to T for the tip.

Weston Historical Society seeks artist.

Talented mural artist Mario Noviello’s work can be seen in Weston by Ward’s parking lot and in Lions Park on the old bridge abutment. Weston Historical Society Treasurer Cherri Hurst tells me that they are seeking his assistance in renovating the Lions Park location which serves as a memorial to the victims of Hurricane Hazel.

The main mural as it first appeared.
Part of Mario Noviello’s work on the old bridge abutment when it first appeared.
The same work in 2011. Sadly, the work deteriorated rapidly, due in part to anti-graffitti paint.
Mario Noviello (centre) assisted by Alan Tonks, Julian Fantino and Frances Nunziata.
Mario Noviello (centre) at the official unveiling of the mural in 2004, assisted by Alan Tonks, Julian Fantino and Frances Nunziata.

Unfortunately Mr. Noviello’s contact information has been lost in the intervening years and Ms Hurst was wondering if any of our readers know where he could be located.

Please contact Adam or myself if you know his contact details and we will forward the information.

Postscript: Cherri Hurst tells me they have located Mr. Noviello. WestonWeb will keep readers posted regarding further work on the memorial.