Gas plant details revealed

Laura Albanese has revealed a few more details about the gas plant likely to be built in the Kodak Lands. The natural gas plant will power the Eglinton LRT in emergencies, to heat the maintenance facility and to “reduce power consumption at high demand peak hours during the times of the year when Toronto Hydro is close to capacity.”¹

The power station will be 18 megawatts–“relatively small” according to Metrolinx. Your correspondent supposes that “relatively” is relative. An 18 MW station is enough to power about 14,000 homes—all of Mount Dennis, in other words. Still, it seems possible to make it quite small in size.

Great Mabruk power station
Great Mabruk power station, also 18MW


Recognizing the unpopularity of the power plant, Albanese says, 

I have been in contact and written to the Minister of Transportation and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change asking that they look into this issue, including making sure that all safety and environmental concerns are addressed and ensuring that alternative energy options are exhausted before going ahead with this proposal.

Police ask for help over shots fired

Toronto Police are asking for the public’s help in locating two men who shot at an apartment door in 111 Hickory Tree Rd.

The police say that on Monday, January 18, around 11 pm, two men entered the co-op at 111 Hickory Tree Rd. They entered through the lobby.

They took the elevator to the sixth floor, and fired one shot through the apartment door, before fleeing down the stairs.

The first man is described as “black, approximately 19-25, 5’8″ – 5’10”, 175 lbs., thin build and has thin goatee/moustache. He was wearing a white or silver puffy jacket, dark hoodie, dark pants and dark footwear.”

The second man is “black, 6’0″, 19-25, with a thin build. He was wearing a black jacket, black pants and dark footwear. He also had a covering across his face up to his nose, from ear to ear.”

Keele St  HRRH development proposed

 A developer has proposed a townhome  and mid-rise community for The Keele St. site of the Humber River Regional Hospital. 

This, it should be emphasized, is not the Weston Church Street site. Still, it sets a benchmark for what we should expect.

The proposed plan includes townhouses and mid-rise apartment buildings, a park and a “natural open space area.” 

731 homes would be built, but no high rises. 10% of the homes would be affordable housing.

The Church Street site remains tied up in the courts, because part of the land for the hospital was given to the town of Weston by its former owners in exchange for a promise that it would only be used for healthcare purposes. The hospital board, however, would like to sell the site to the highest bidder, so that they can pay for their new hospital. 

City wants input on community centre programming

The city of Toronto is asking what programming you would like to see at the new York Community Centre, which is supposed to be finished later this year.


The short survey asks what you would like to see the city offer: fitness, arts and heritage, camps, programming for seniors and kids, among many other programs. (the correct answer is “camps” and “programming for kids the age of Adam’s children”)

There are lots of possibilities: yoga, a weight room, cultural events, and more. Cleverly, the city lets you suggest things you might be interested in–so your heart’s aching desire for a repertory cinema might finally be realized.



Some of the problems behind slow electrification

It’s been a slow week for news in Weston. While you wait for something to happen, might I recommend an article from the Globe and Mail on electrifying the train shed in Union Station?

Authorities are spending a quarter of a billion dollars renovating the shed behind Union Station where the trains stop. One teensy hitch: As things stand now, the new electric trains that are supposed to glide in one day won’t fit.

More details on Clinton Russell: meeting tonight

A meeting will be held tonight at Weston CI to discuss the alleged sexual assault of a Weston CI student by a school safety monitor.

The Toronto Sun says that Russell has been on paid leave since the school became aware of the alleged assault and will remain so until the matter is closed.

The meeting will be tonight (Wednesday) at 6 pm.