Fitness centre, library reopening

York Recreation Centre will reopen on Monday, July 19.

The fitness areas and weight room will be open on Monday, and the pool will reopen for lane and leisure swimming on Wednesday. Fitness programs will resume next week.

Staff encourage users to reserve their spots, but drop-in spaces are available.

Weston Public Library will also be expanding service next week.

Bit of a crime spree

A man went on a crime spree in Weston on Tuesday.

The police say a man was arrested after jumping in front of and on cars, breaking glass —and trying to steal an ambulance.

Free ride Wednesdays

BikeShare is offering free rides every Wednesday in July.

You are welcome to borrow a bike for a free trip of up to 30 minutes—and once you drop it off at another station, you can start again.

Bikeshare has one location at Weston Lions Park and another at Scarlett and Eglinton—plus about a zillion throughout the city.

Pols announce funding for affordable seniors’ housing in Weston

MP Ahmed Hussen annnounced that the federal government would be giving a “$35 million low-cost loan to help construct 126 new rental units as part of a 15-storey development located at 2346 Weston Road”

The affordable apartment building has been promised since at least 2018 on a long-vacant property. The plan hasn’t always been well loved.

Hussen announced the loan with a who’s-who of politicians, including Councillor Nunziata and John Tory.

COVID this week

COVID continues to slowly retreat in Weston. In the past 21 days, there were 13 cases, down very slightly from last week when there were 15.

Vaccination rates have largely stalled. 55% of eligible residents had had at least one shot, compared to 69% city wide.

The city has launched a vaccination drive in areas of the city that lag. The “Home Stretch Vaccine Push” will bring “20 micro-focused clinics [to] six priority neighbourhoods”, including Weston and Mount Dennis. “The clinics will be conveniently located in and near buildings where residents live and will offer flexible afternoon and evening hours to accommodate frontline workers.”

From the city


12 Division police are asking for the public’s help. On July 9, there may have been gunshots around Weston and Lawrence at about 9:40 p.m..

On Sunday, police responded to a gunshot at Weston and Denarda.

Very tall building proposed for Hollis Ave

The owners of the properties between 15 and 21 Hollis Avenue in Mount Dennis are proposing a 34-storey, 365-unit residential building on the small, residential street.

From the proposal

Bousfields, who wrote the report, say that the tall tower fits in because it will

frame and enhance the streetscape along Hollis Street, and provide an appropriately scaled building that is compatible with the future development potential of adjacent properties.

I’ll be honest. Try as I might, I don’t get it. The planners provide many reasons why this should work, but to me it comes down to something simple: This is a very tall tower surrounded by lovely little homes on a very narrow street. Will it fit in the future, if the whole block is redeveloped? Maybe. Does it fit and frame the neighbourhood as it exists now? No.

Speaking of redeveloping the block, though, the report references a nearby and similar proposal. The owners of 8–16 Locust—just one street north—are asking to build a 35-storey building (the tallest building in Mount Dennis). It, too, would be on a quiet, narrow street. That application, Bousfields notes, is being appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal, “following Council’s failure to make a decision”.