Final days for recreation survey

You have only until May 31 to take the York South–Weston recreation programming survey. The city is asking residents so that they have a better sense of what sports, arts, and social programming to bring to the recreation centres around the riding.

If, like me, you’ve occasionally woken up too late to get programming for the kids, you might want to weigh in.

screenshot of survey

Gofundme for York Memo

Alan Tonks is raising money to help rebuild York Memorial, after the damaging fires of a few weeks ago. So far, the campaign has raised more than $18,000 of a $25,000 goal.

Stained glass windows
From Gofundme
The school Motto has been “Macte Nova Virture” (Go Forth With New Strength).  With the strength of our community, city,  and our York Memorial Alumni we want to preserve the heritage of the school that was built in honour of  the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country.   Whatever the “new” York Memorial may look like we want to raise funds to persevere, restore or recreate the history in these significant works of art.

Tenants’ meeting tomorrow

Chiara Padovani will be hosting a tenants’ meeting tomorrow

What do YOU want to see in the city’s new housing plan?

We’re inviting all tenants to participate in this community consultation and provide input for the new HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan.

Organized by seven tenant associations in York South-Weston. Join us for a tenant-focused discussion on housing in Toronto over some delicious snacks!

Please RSVP so we make sure we have enough food for everyone:

Hussen introduces bill

Ahmed Hussen, our MP, introduced Bill C-99, to amend the Citizenship Act. The bill will change the Oath of Citizenship to include reference to treaties with aboriginal peoples. The new oath will say:

I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada, including the Constitution, which recognizes and affirms the Aboriginal and treaty rights of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.

Shakespeare in Action–a review

A guest post by Erna Taverner

I am happy to say that I was lucky enough to attend the Shakespeare Meets Hip  Hop  presentation, on Saturday at the new Artscape space at 36 John Street.

The space itself is very clean and new.  The theatre seats 150 people, and there was a wooden riser for a stage.  The background was a screen with a scene to set the stage.  The musical accompaniment seemed to happen by magic.

The presentation itself was very entertaining for adults as well as kids.  The audience got involved by shouting out answers, being on the stage, and laughing.

It was informative, relevant, and provided a way to analyse Shakespeare by looking at key words at each stanza.

I really loved it and would love to see it again.  They do it in schools during school year .

I heard someone say about Artscape  “This is great addition for Weston.”

Guest speaker, Carriane Leung, to visit Weston Library writers’ group

A guest post by Barbara Bisgrove

Thank you so much for reaching out and telling me about the writing group. Perhaps I can come and meet the writers sometime and chat with them.

Best, Carrianne

Every Tuesday I excitedly join the Creative Writing Group in Weston Library. Classes started there in the fall of 2016, as a program funded by Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, through a New Horizons for Seniors Program Grant.

The classes and the refreshments are free, and anyone from the community is welcome— would-be-writers come from all backgrounds! The one-year grant stretched until January, 2019 when it ran out. But we, bonded classmates, thrilled with our progress (some have published) refused to stop meeting for lack of money.

Instead, we formed a small committee to raise funds, to allow us to continue meeting together and learning to understand each other’s backgrounds through sharing our writings. The goal is $11,000 mostly to pay the teacher.
We produced a pamphlet, citing the benefits to writing and meeting others, backed by our own stories of the experience. And we decided to send letters to all the Canadian authors we felt had an affinity for our type of community, asking for their help.

One of our replies was from Carrianne Leung, a fiction writer based in Toronto, who is visiting the library on June 4th at 6:00 to talk about her book, “That Time I Loved You.” Her second book, it explores life’s challenges through the eyes of a young Canadian of Chinese descent living in the late 1970’s Toronto. In the linked stories, Carrianne talks about how not all our dreams come true, and some people cannot go on seeking that promised happiness.

I could relate to that time period, moving from a rented place at Yonge and Davisville to our first home at Weston Road and Finch —where cows were still grazing. Carrianne’s characters are from different ethnic backgrounds, but very recognizable as people you have met, or they have emotional challenges you remember. Both the adults and young people experience that period of time when you change from being an “immigrant” to becoming a “Canadian” living behind curtained windows and tidy lawns in the suburbs, trying to be true to yourself.

Please join us at the library on June 4th at 6:00 to meet this generous author and make her feel at home amongst us.

Options For Homes update.

Options For Homes is a non-profit condo developer with a building called ‘The Humber‘ under construction at 10 Wilby Crescent in Weston. To say that they are bullish on Weston is a bit of an understatement but they have a history of choosing and building in ‘up and coming’ neighbourhoods, calling themselves urban pioneers. Here is their take on the Weston neighbourhood.

Read this April 2019 article about why OFH thinks we are in that category. They also have a YouTube channel dedicated to Weston.

The building is expected to open in late 2021. According to OFH, over 120 people have purchased an apartment in the Wilby condo and the building is 50% sold. Options says it’s a good time to buy.

Read more here.