All Westonians will be eligible for a vaccine

It looks like all Westonians and Mount Denizens will be prioritized for vaccination. The details and timeline are not yet clear, but the province has said that mobile vaccination teams and pop-up clinics will come to “highly impacted neighbourhoods” and will give vaccinations “to individuals aged 18 and over.”

The mobile vaccination teams will visit “congregate settings, residential buildings, faith-based locations, and locations occupied by large employers”. It appears that the clinics will serve the rest of the community at faith-based locations and community centres.

Image via TVO

Those 50+ will also be able to get vaccinated at the city’s clinics starting on Friday; until now they’d only been vaccinated locally.

Image via TVO

Time to get mad

If you’re not yet mad at the slow pace of vaccinations, an article in The Star today will get you going. And if you are already mad, you’ll be furious—as I am.

Most of the seniors at Central King Seniors Residence across from the Weston Library hadn’t received their vaccinations, even though they’ve been eligible for weeks. Why?

Most of them don’t use the internet and aren’t able to book an appointment on their own. Many have significant mobility issues and none of the vaccination sites are nearby. Some can’t afford transportation. Others worry about waiting in long lines.

“They have been left behind,” Oka says. “Not intentionally,” she adds. “But still.”


She knew the most effective way to get her residents vaccinated was if the vaccine came to them. So she sent requests to every level of government, making her case in detailed emails.

Eventually she heard back from her MPP, Faisal Hassan, who, in collaboration with Humber River Hospital, arranged for a pop-up clinic at the building last week.

God bless Bardha Oka. Give her an award, the key to the town. Name a street after her. She probably saved many lives.

But see, too, that this is no way to run a vaccination plan. Why should one person be responsible? And why should she have to fight to get it done? This is insane. And how many more seniors’ residences are out there with less empowered staff than Bardha Oka?

Bike planning

The city has announced some new bike routes to be approved at City Countil this week (a measly 2.4 km in the whole city). York South–Weston won’t be getting any new routes, as was expected. The bike plan didn’t call for any.

However, the city has started consultation on plans to close the Humber Gap—the infernal missing link in the multi-use path north of Cruickshank Park.

A few readers had asked whether the construction on the path is part of that plan. Not so. I believe it is sewer work.

Vaccinations for 50+

Residents 50+ of north-west Toronto, including Weston and Mount Dennis, can now get vaccinations. The Humber River Hospital is offering the shot at Downsview Arena.

However, no appointments were available the twice I looked, and spots seem to have rapidly filled up. It’s not clear when new spots will be available.

Residents 55 and older can get a shot at a pharmacy.

Thanks to N for the tip.