Updated: Man stabbed in Mount Dennis. Video released

On Sunday, July 26 at about 10 in the morning a man was stabbed near Weston Road and Jane Street.

An unknown man, approached the victim and stabbed him multiple times. He suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect fled to the Dora Spencer Road and Tyrone Avenue area. 

The suspect is white, 6’0″, in his 30s and 160-165 lbs. He has short light-brown hair. He was wearing a light-blue T-shirt and grey jogging pants.

Update: the police have released a video of the suspect. 

Upcoming Events

The Farmers’ Market will be raffling a basket of market produce on Saturday, August 29. Free tickets are available at the market every Saturday. 

Saturday, August 29 will also be the Best of Weston festival, and the competition for Weston Idol. If you can sing, and if you are a local youth, you could be the idol. Submit your video to [email protected] to enter.  First prize is $700. Your humble correspondent may be a judge.

Some farmers considering leaving market 

Some of the farmers at the market are deeply worried about the new apartment development. One farmer I spoke to, who did not want to be named, said that he will leave the market when the development is complete. Weston has “put my kids through school and paid my mortgage” he said; still he is planning to wind his operation down in three years.

The current design of the proposed development will mean that the farmers can’t bring trucks near to the tables—essential, this farmer says, to doing his job. He goes in the truck many times every Saturday to fetch new produce, and he says it wouldn’t be feasible to run back and forth to a truck parked off site.

Daniel Winberg, a principal at Rockport, knows about the problem. He said

We (Rockport and Artscape) had a meeting with 7 vendors last Saturday (July 18th), including 3 that have large trucks. We have long known that truck parking is a concern and we are working on ways to address it.
To that end, we  continue to actively work with the BIA to ensure that the Farmers Market returns to the site, and recognize that the market’s success will be an essential component of the overall success of the John Street revitalization.



Troubling article on Artscape

The Globe and Mail has a scary article on the troubles Artscape is facing. Artscape, of course, is one of the forces behind the proposed, and controversial high-rise development on the John Street parking lot. 

Artscape, John Lorinc says, is struggling to manage Wychwood Barns, one of its flagship projects  and “Artscape’s relentless focus on expanding its footprint and brand may have compromised its less sexy responsibilities as a landlord.” 

The occupant of a subsidized live-work apartment, who didn’t want to be identified for fear of eviction, put it this way: “Moving into that building is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my adult life. It screwed up everything for me.”

Lorinc also reveals some unusual facts about Artscape’s roots and structure. 

Many people assume Artscape is a city agency. But while the municipality provides hundreds of thousands of dollars in subsidies and loan guarantees, and more public dollars flow in from the other levels of government, Artscape is an independent development and property-management organization, albeit one that describes its mandate as fostering “creative communities.”…

A former general manager of the theatre company Buddies in Bad Times, Mr. Jones has been the driving force in Artscape since 2008. He is not a public servant and declined to reveal his salary or disclose whether he receives bonuses for completing projects. While an Artscape spokesperson acknowledged its overall salary and benefits expenses exceed the amounts cited on its financial statements, the organization would not provide details about its total annual payroll outlay.

Artscape has responded to Lorinc’s article but left unresolved, in my opinion, the most serious of his criticisms. 

Cherri Hurst Takes Toronto Star on a Weston Tour

Local Business owner and Weston Heritage Conservation District President Cherri Hurst invited Lauren Pelley of the Toronto Star to take a tour of Weston recently and the result is a lovely article extolling many of the lovely features of Weston. Ms. Pelley asked readers to submit their favourite features of where they live – WestonWeb suggests that readers add theirs in the comments section the article.

Read the article here in today’s Star.

Justin Trudeau drives a Kia

Justin Trudeau made a brief stop in Weston last night to give a boost to local Liberal candidate Ahmed Hussen. About 200 people warmly greeted the politicians in a toasty room in a private school on Queens Drive. 

Hussen gave a speech about how the community had contributed to his success. He promised that the Liberals would support programs such as those that helped him.

Trudeau spoke about bill C-24, which strips convicted terrorists of their Canadian citizenship, and C-51, a bill he regrets voting for. C-51 was a controversial bill that extended the power of government to detain and entrap suspected terrorists. The Liberal party supported it, likely to avoid giving the Conservatives ammunition in the upcoming election. Trudeau said last night that he would amend the law. 

Your humble correspondent was struck, and pleased, by Trudeau’s speech. Surely he is taking a gamble by addressing elevated topics like civil liberties and the Charter rather than sticking to jobs, jobs, and jobs. It’s brave, too, to admit that he held his nose when voting for C-51. To me, this law doesn’t pass the garden fence test: you’re not likely to bring it up with your neighbour with your head over the rail. It’s odd then that he pointed the stink of a job badly done. 

Finally, I was pleased by Trudeau’s accessibility. I couldn’t find any security, and he shook hands and walked around without any obvious mediation. He was not picked up in a limo or black Mercedes, as I had expected. He got in the passenger side of a Kia Sorrento. Cool.

UP Express under capacity

Just when you thought the UP Express was chugging along, The Star puts a penny on the tracks: TTC Riders, a transit advocacy group, surveyed the ridership and found the trains are 90% empty.

TTCriders says it counted the riders going in and out of the Pearson UPX station on Thursday between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m., in the midst of the Pan Am Games. It found just 14 people on average rode on each train, which can seat 173….

“What was really shocking was, even using Metrolinx’s own numbers of 3,250 people a day, that translates to the train running at just 12 per cent of full capacity,” she said.