Mayor Tory attends WVRA AGM

It was a full court press at the annual general meeting of the Weston Village Residents’ Association (membership of almost 100 apparently). Mayor John Tory had agreed to attend along with the president of Artscape, Celia Smith and all three of our political representatives. The meeting was no doubt sold to His Honour as an opportunity to bask in the approval and gratitude of residents. After all, aren’t we getting a wonderful new cultural hub?

Mayor Tory checks out the audience.
Mayor Tory checks out the audience.

The elephant in the room was a giant middle finger (ok enough metaphors) seemingly directed at the people of Weston in the form of a 30-storey rental apartment building; allegedly the unavoidable price of getting the hub. Despite organizers’ best efforts (I was in the second row yet somehow invisible when I raised my hand) a couple of awkward questions were asked about the latest tower proposal and judging by the spontaneous applause, a growing concern is shared by many in the audience. This latest rental apartment in Weston seems destined to become like the others (only taller).

The questions that still need answers are,

  • Was it necessary to sell the old GO Station parking lot to a developer? Why didn’t the negotiating team look at retaining the site and developing a decent Wychwood Barns type space with parkland and no 30 storey rental apartment building? Costs could have been amortized over years rather than all at once.
  • Who owns the podium at 33-35 King? (The largely unoccupied building that is about to be bailed out by this project.)
  • What did 33-35 King bring to the table to offset the costs of developing the hub since they stand to gain millions from this in rents, parking charges and a more valuable building?
The 'Podium' and parking lot - Who owns it and what did they bring to the table? Click for expanded view.
The ‘Podium’ – Who owns it and what did they bring to the table? Click for expanded view.
  • Was Rockport the only developer asked to submit proposals? If not, who else made proposals and why were they rejected?
  • Is the current deal the best the negotiating team could make? Who was on the negotiating team?
  • Metrolinx paid $1 million to be applied to the purchase of the additional land to the south of the TPA lot. The City ended up purchasing the lot in a separate deal. What will happen to the $1 million? Where is it now? Why was this information withheld from the public?
  • Were the highest ethical standards applied in making this deal?
  • Why is extracting information about this project so difficult?

Until the public gets answers to these questions (and others) we are working in the dark and cannot provide an informed consent to this project (if that was ever an option).

Let’s have some daylight on this, please.

2292 Weston Road sells for $10.2 million

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.25.20 PM
2292 Weston Road. From Google Earth.

This 65 unit 8-storey rental apartment building was sold recently for $10.2 million. That works out to an average price of approximately $157,000 per unit. The building had been owned by True North Apartment REIT (real estate income trust) and the deal was expected to close today, June 1. No details as to the identity of the purchaser.

For more details, follow this link.

Mark Moore found guilty

Mark Moore has been found guilty of four counts of first degree murder. Moore killed four men in Toronto, including two in Weston: Mike James and Courthney Facey.

James and Facey were murdered in the autumn of 2010 while they ate a late dinner in an alley off Weston Road. They were, by all accounts, doing nothing wrong, and they had done nothing to cross Moore, a dangerous man with a long criminal history.

Moore killed them from his BMW X5, shooting each several times. Facey died on the spot. James died later in the hospital.

Moore told his friend and accomplice, Kevin Williams (also imprisoned) that “the angel of death” motivated him to kill the innocent young men, who were members of the same dance troupe. It isn’t clear, though, what his motivations were, or even if he had any. According to Rosie DiManno,

The Crown alleged that Moore hated the Weston Rd. area, and that location in particular, because that was where he’d been shot in the face at 17, leaving the left side of his face disfigured.

Earlier that evening he’d become angry about a reference to the Crips, the gang he said was responsible for the shooting, which was why he drove to the location where he was shot with Williams, the Crown alleged.

He also may have shot the men to improve his street reputation, or because he was an aspiring gangsta rapper and wanted to be someone whose name “shakes the streets”.

Moore will be sentenced to life in prison. He may be eligible for a parole in 25 years, but sentencing laws have recently changed, and the judge has the right to sentence him to a longer period of parole ineligibility.

June Fair next week

The world’s hardest working school council is ready to unveil the project of many long days and sleepless nights: this year’s June Fair.

On Thursday, June 4, join them and thousands of sugar-fed children for the best night of the year. There will be food, bouncy castles, games, animals, general madness, utter chaos, utter exhaustion, and exhilaration.

Do not miss this. It really is the most joyful night of the year. And there’s a bonus: Friday is a PA day, so your little monsters can sleep in.

Weston Memorial JPS FUN FAIR  June 4th 2015

Free Rides on UP Express June 14

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 4.26.00 PM

The UP Express begins its service on June 6. Metrolinx has decided to celebrate the opening the following week by offering a barbecue and free rides at the Weston and Bloor Stations between 11:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m.

Metrolinx says that this is their way of saying ‘thank-you’ to the communities that have had to put up with the ‘dust, noise and inconveniences’ during construction over the past few years.

Your official invite is here.

Crime this week

All sorts of news in crime this week:

Kevin Michael Hicks

Kevin Hicks, who taught figure skating in Weston, was sentenced to four years for indecent assault and sexual assault on two boys in the 1980s.


The jury is now deliberating the fate of Mark Garfield Moore, accused of murdering four men, including two men in Weston, in 2012. Moore is already serving 12 years for a jewelry store robbery in which a man was shot. He is a shockingly bad man.