Upcoming events

Tonight, Mike Sullivan will be hosting a film screening to celebrate Black History Month. The movie will be “The Road Taken” a documentary about the struggles of Black railway porters in the 1950s.  The movie will be 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the York Civic Centre, 2700 Eglinton Avenue West.

The York West Active Living Centre will be hosting a health fair on Tuesday March 17. They’ll be answering questions about their programs and facilities.

health fair flyer 2015


Accused Weston murderer’s trial begins

The trial of Mark Moore, the man accused of murdering two men in a drive-by shooting in Weston in 2010, has begun. Moore is being tried for the murders of four men across the city.

Moore was shot in the face and disfigured at 16 in his apartment building at 1765 Weston Road. He now is accused of killing Courthney Facey and Mike James in Weston, as well as Jahmeel Spence and Carl Cole in Scarborough.

Facey, 18, was a dancer and student at Weston CI. James was 23, deaf, and an apprentice chef. They were getting dinner and listening to music when they were murdered. They had no relation to Moore, and Moore’s accomplice, Kevin Williams “cannot say why Mark Moore shot the two men. All he can say (is) that they did nothing at all to provoke or call down upon themselves the hail of bullets that killed them”, according to the prosecutor.

Moore comes from a family that has long been in trouble with the law. One of his brothers, André, was accused of shooting a police officer in Weston. André Moore was murdered before his trial. Another brother was shot, and a third was arrested for stealing cars. The matriarch, Hyancinth Moore, is well known to police.

Prosecutors allege that Mark Garfield Moore went on a months-long shooting and terror spree in the summer and autumn of 2010. In addition to the four men his is alleged to have murdered, he accused of having shot up a night club, a woman’s house, and a schoolyard. He boasted of his many attacks to his friends and made YouTube videos of himself, portraying himself as a gangster and rapper.

Moore is already serving 12 years for a jewelry-store robbery that left one man shot. (Williams, his accomplice, is also in prison.)  While in prison, Moore assaulted Williams for being a police informer.

UPX given bye on environmental assessment

You may be able to see the UP Express train over the next few days. Metrolinx will be conducting “extensive” testing as the train is readied for service in the spring.

Also, the provincial Liberals announced yesterday that they would not require Metrolinx to get environmental assessments for some stages of the electrification construction. This means that electrification may happen faster than it would have otherwise, perhaps starting in 2017.  (The funding, however, has not yet been approved.)

On the one hand, this is a positive development. It was treated as such by Laura Albanese our MPP, who told The Star,

“This is great news for our communities,” said MPP Laura Albanese (York-South Weston). “I will continue to advocate on behalf of all residents in Weston and along the Georgetown South Corridor for electrification to begin as soon as possible.”

By 2017, not starting in 2017 

On the other hand, this is later than had been promised by Glen Murray, the former Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation, and the announcement was criticized by MP Mike Sullivan’s office, who said pointed out that electrification was supposed to have been by 2017, not beginning in 2017.

Sullivan’s office also said Metrolinx  had promised that “the [passenger] trains using this corridor would be Tier 4 diesel at service launch in 2015. Now only the UP Express trains are supposed to be; the GO trains will not.”


Upcoming events

Lots going on in York South–Weston over the next few weeks. Laura Albanese is having a pre-budget consultation tomorrow, the Mount Dennis group Squabbles is having another debate night on the controversial topic of performance-enhancing drugs, and the Weston Heritage Conservation District will be having its AGM. Details are in the attachments.

Frances Nunziata will also be hosting a meeting on the future of 133 King tomorrow night. The owner has asked permission to build a large house with an attached garage. The meeting will be at 7 pm at 1901 Weston Road. 

Shadya sent along this list of interesting programs, many of which are for youth, in Weston–Mount Dennis.

  1. March Break workshop: Speak Out With ART!
  2. YYC Weston Mount Dennis Youth/Community Worker Training 2015
  3. LEF Landscaping Training Program
  4. Costi: Employment Course and Workshop
  5. Girls Club for young women between 12 and 17
  6. LEF Youth Entrepreneurship Program


WHCD AGM notice 2015-REV1 copy

Crime last year

Toronto Police have released crime statistics for 2014.  Crime in 12 Division (an area much larger than Weston—Mount Dennis) is unchanged from 2013.

The quality of the statistics is far lower than it used to be—the police used to release major crime reports, maps, and year-to-date statistics, but now they release numbers only for entire divisions and only very infrequently. This makes it hard to know whether crime is changing in Weston, and where crime is occurring.

Still, some information can be gleaned from the numbers they’ve released. Auto thefts are up substantially. 236 cars were stolen in 12 Division last year, 19% more than in 2013. Police ‘cleared’ 12% of the thefts. Dramatically more cars were stolen across the city, though, so 12 Division was not unusual.

There were 19% more robberies in 12 Division, too, and in this respect we are very unusual. Robberies were down 8% in the city as a whole, so our increase in robberies is particularly striking. We also have a robbery rate far higher than the city average: there was one robbery in 12 Division for every 560 people, compared to one for every 706 people in all of Toronto. (Those numbers are worth remembering; even if you live to 100, you are very unlikely to be mugged.) Sexual assaults were up too, but less dramatically.

Now the good news: Assaults, break-and-enters, and ‘thefts over’ were all down. Assaults, which are—by far—the most common reported crime, were down 5%. The police were also able to clear 70% of them, which makes it clear who is being assaulted: spouses. B&Es were down 14%, and thefts over $5000 were down the most of any category of crime: 27%. These all compared favourably with the city as whole, which saw increases in all categories.

Finally, there was one fewer murder in 12 Division last year. This, of course, is statistically meaningless since there are so few murders.

In total, there were 1,580 reported crimes in 12 Division, which contains about 116,000 people—1 crime for every 72 people. In The city as a whole—the safest city in North America—you had a 1 there was one for every 77.

MCI01 - Seven Major Crime Indicators-Jan 01 to Oct 16, 2014_4617_image004
Crime in 12 Division
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Crime in Toronto