Mark DeMontis arrives home in Weston

Weston superstar Mark DeMontis arrived home today after in-line skating all the way from Halifax. He was embraced by his family and friends at the Weston Lions Arena, and several hundred people came out to cheer his arrival.

DeMontis has skated all the way across Canada to raise money for Courage Canada, a group that promotes hockey for the blind. DeMontis was a promising hockey player but lost his sight when he was still a teenager.

Carrying the Canadian flag onto the ice, DeMontis thanked his family, supporters, and sponsors, and gave a rousing speech about the reasons he skated across Canada. He skated, he said, for all the young people who had approached him on his trip.

In Touch retirement home back in the news

A coroner’s investigation of the In Touch retirement home in Weston has determined that the recent deaths there were not a result of neglect or abuse, even though a Toronto Star investigation last year found residents “residents left in diapers for hours or on the floor where they fell.”

The coroner’s report, according to the Star, has found that four questionable deaths at the In Touch retirement home were not a result of the awful conditions:

Released yesterday, the coroner’s report found the first three deaths due to “natural disease processes,” caused by the following:

Henderson died of complications from C-difficile, due to antibiotics for pneumonia. C-difficile is a highly infectious bacteria that kills many elderly residents of nursing homes, retirement homes or hospitals.

Farrell suffered from advanced dementia which hampered her ability to eat.

Dineno suffered from acute diarrhea and likely from ischemic colitis, which involves inflammation of the bowels.

And Vachon’s choking death was deemed accidental.


Mike Sullivan rails at Metrolinx

Our new MP has let little grass grow under his feet before exposing another Metrolinx contradiction. According to an article in the Toronto Star, Sullivan discovered that there is a two-foot difference in height between GO trains and the proposed airport link diesels. This will require a separate, higher platform for the ARL.

Sullivan says that in the past, he was fobbed off by Metrolinx who claimed that because of the need to match floor height with GO trains, there were no eligible electric trains. Now it turns out that not even Metrolinx trains meet this requirement as platforms for the new diesels will need to be two feet higher than GO train platforms.

Fire at 2240 Weston Road

A fire broke out in the parking garage of 2240 Weston Road last night. Nobody was injured in the blaze, but the first few floors of the building had to be evacuated, according to CP24.

There may be no relation at all, but a reader reports that there were two bright blue electrical flashes and a brief power outage last night in the area of Wendell and the 401. The fire was reported at around 2 am, and the power outage occurred at around 1:30.

Thanks to the tipsters.

Man sought for sexual assault

Toronto Police are looking for a man for an attempted sexual assault. The suspect is black, around 30, about 5’7″, and chubby.

man wanted for sexual assault

He is alleged to have approached a woman in the elevator of a building in the Weston Road and Lawrence area. He sexually assaulted her, but she was able to break free and flee. The suspect was caught on camera while leaving the area.

Weston Superstar returning this weekend

Mark DeMontis, the young man from Weston who is skating across Canada to raise money for blind hockey, will be arriving in Weston this Saturday to celebrate the end of his cross-country trip.

DeMontis has been skating from Halifax since August 13. A few years ago, he skated from Weston to Vancouver, so his return this weekend will be the end of a journey that, according to my calculation, has taken him 6,181 km. DeMontis has skated from coast to coast, and he is legally blind.

He will be arriving this Saturday at 11:00 am at the Weston Lions Arena.

Voter turnout 45% in October 7 election.

As analysts begin poring over the chicken entrails disgorged in Thursday’s elections, a sad announcement was made here on Weston Web. Paul Ferreira will likely quit politics as a result of this election. His shock announcement came in response to Weston Web readers yesterday.

What are we to make of this election? No doubt the full story will be told over the next few days. A quick rundown of the numbers from Elections Ontario using April’s eligible voter numbers gives an approximate (and unofficial) view of the voter turnout and percentage of the total number of voters in the riding (68,978 in April).

  • Laura Albanese..(L)…20.1%
  • Paul Ferreira..(NDP).18.9%
  • Lan Daniel..(PC)……..5.02%
  • Keith Jarrett..(G)……..0.6%

Total votes cast: 31,043

Approximate voter turnout: 45%. This is even lower than the dismal 51% in April in which Mike Sullivan defeated incumbent Alan Tonks. With so much at stake for Ontario’s second poorest riding, one must ask why voters couldn’t be bothered to move themselves to vote. Lord knows we have enough compelling issues – lack of jobs, poverty, atrocious rental housing, lack of decent transportation, large numbers of diesel trains about to pollute the area – the list goes on and on. The winning candidate only seemed to come to life and muster up some fighting spirit for the election and will no doubt slip back into obscurity once the dust settles.

So the bottom line is, a winning political candidate in York South Weston only needs to convince about 1 in 5 eligible voters to get out and mark an x.

That is truly pathetic.