Two events from Heritage Weston

The Weston Heritage Convervation District has announced two events for the coming weeks. On the 27th, they will be having their AGM. Richard Charbonneau will be a guest speaker, explaining stone wall preservation.

On Wednesday, December 1, the Weston Historical Society will be having its 30th annual Christmas Carol and Hymn Sing.

All are welcome at both events.

Shooting at Jane and Lawrence

Shots were fired early Satuday morning at a bus stop at the intersection of Jane and Lawrence. Two men were injured, one in the abdomen and one in the arm, according to CP24. Both survived and took themselves to hospital.

Few other details are available.

GO’s plans for expropriation

The Toronto Star has a long article interviewing the owners of the nine houses that Metrolinx would like to purchase.

The letter Metrolinx sent last month to nine homeowners along the Weston rail corridor was straight and to the point.

It said their property “will need to be acquired,” in the process of expanding the tracks to accommodate expanded GO service and the coming airport rail link, and that “a member of our real estate team will be contacting you shortly to discuss the property acquisition.”

That impersonal message, delivered not by hand but to the mailbox, triggered a wave of resentment that culminated in property owners angrily shouting down Metrolinx executive director Stephen Lipkus during a design presentation at a public meeting in October.

Since then, the agency has learned its lesson….

Police charge man in Weston cold case

A 30-year-old Markham man has been charged with the murder of Gaurev Bazaz, according to the Toronto Star. Bazaz was shot to death inside a Weston business, Tamanna Enterprises, in June 2004.

Vijay Singh was arrested on Oct. 6 and is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 30.

New steps down to Humber River

A reader noticed a lot of work being done at the parkette on the northwest corner of Weston Rd. and St. Phillips and went to investigate.

He found that there are new metal stairs leading down to from Weston Rd to the ravine.They are on the north side of St Phillips, opposite the rickety wooden ones that had fallen apart. The new ones are quite sturdy, very safe, and built to last a long time.

The stairs lead down to the northernmost reach of Cruickshank Park. That area of the park is beautiful but relatively unused.

Police seeking suspect

Toronto Police are seeking a young man they believe committed a violent, gun-point robbery.

Police describe the mugger as black, 20-30, with a thin build. He pistol-whipped his victim in the elevator of a high-rise apartment building at Weston and Lawrence and stole the victim’s cash.

The police are encouraging anyone who can identify the man from the security camera footage to call 222-TIPS or to leave a tip on

Suspect in violent mugging

Electrification Comment

How is it that just about every jurisdiction in Europe can install and run electric locomotives but here in Toronto, it’s beyond our ability? The use of the Pan-Am games to justify diesel (Metrolinx claims electrification cannot be achieved by 2015) is either faulty reasoning or a flimsy excuse. The 16-day Pan-Am games will manage just fine without a rail link.

Politicians need to understand, people don’t want smelly, noisy diesel locomotives barreling through suburban neighbourhoods several times an hour.

Electric locomotives are cleaner, quicker, quieter and more efficient. People would support this project enthusiastically if electrification were the goal. Let’s not get stuck with a poor choice because of lack of determination on the part of politicians or Metrolinx officials.