Yet another swarming at Jane and Lawrence

There has been yet another mugging by a gang of four suspects at the corner of Jane St and Lawrence Ave, according to Toronto Police.

Four young men approached three other young men at about 2:45 Wednesday afternoon. The four suspects demanded the victims’ phones and wallets. The suspects then fled.

This is the fourth time in recent months that a gang of four suspects has struck at this corner. Recently, a man was beaten unconscious by a group of four men. In the other three cases, a group of four men approached young men and stole their phones and sometimes their cash.

You can see a map of the muggings in Weston here.

Big plans for Weston to be released later this month

The Weston 2021 Design Initiative is convening again to discuss the results of the  bean counters’  “Technical Assistance Panel”. The City, Metrolinx, and the Urban Land Institute will be releasing the results of their consultations and making further plans at the community update.

A design conference in May brought planners together with the community to make grand plans for the revitilization of Weston. Those plans were then taken to the the Technical Assistance Panel to be assessed for financial viability.

Everyone is welcome at the community update meeting. It will be held Wednesday, June 29 at 6 pm, at St John the Evangelist.


Wednesday, June 29th


Weston students looking for their former teachers

Two graduates of Weston elementary schools are looking for their former teachers to give their thanks.

Parent Central is helping students find their former teachers.

If you happen to know where these teachers are, would you lend a hand?

Ms. Linda Elliott, of H.J. Alexander Community School, Weston

Omar Petralis writes:

Ms. Linda Elliott taught my full-time kindergarten program, and was instrumental in my early development. She identified me as having a gift for reading, and encouraged me in this direction as other kids in my class played with blocks. I recall being sent to the library to do “research” — and above everything feeling encouraged without having been singled out.

I graduated high school, graduated university with a B.A., and found an entry level job working for IBM. On a whim in the mid-90s, I looked her up again and she was teaching ESL at the same school. I walked into her classroom unannounced, and 25 years after the last time she saw me, she recognized me in an instant. We caught up briefly, wished each other well, and I haven’t seen her since; but that feeling of being recognized, of being remembered after all this time still brings tears to my eyes.


Ms. Suzanne Abbott, of Weston Memorial Jr Public School, York, 1980s

Valerie Smith writes:

After second grade, where I experienced a change in schools and a teacher who was less than supportive in many ways, my self-esteem was very low.

When I walked into my Grade 3 class on that early September morning, I was greeted with a warm smile and a huge “Welcome to Grade 3!” I immediately felt comfortable in Ms. Abbott’s presence. She had patience and seemed to truly love her job. During that time, I was fascinated with Newfoundland and when it came time to do a project on a province of our choice, I chose Newfoundland! Ms. Abbott just so happened to be from Newfoundland and I was able to interview her and get valuable information from her for the project.

She was also my younger brother’s first grade teacher the next year (1990-1991) and he had the same wonderful experience as I did. After she taught my brother’s class, I believe she decided to move back to Newfoundland.


TAVIS Barbecue Tonight, June 16, 2011.

There will be a barbecue tonight from 5 – 7 pm hosted by 12 Division TAVIS initiative officers and Councillor Frances Nunziata. This is to let the community know that an additional 32 police officers have been made available during the summer for street patrol in the Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue area. Check out the PDF version of the poster here.

Farmers’ Market open, awesome

The Farmers’ Market got off to a great start this year. Hundreds of people turned out to support our local growers and retailers—and to get fed.

Indian Elvis put in an appearance, as he usually does, and the lineup for Ken’s bacon sandwiches (which your correspondent takes as an index of the buyers’ mood) was very long—surely foretelling a wonderful year ahead.

Indian Elvis, Weston Farmers' Market

Huge turnout for Queens Drive sale

The weather gods blessed the annual garage sale on Queens Drive, and it was a roaring success this year. Thousands of people turned out and packed the sunny streets.

Your humble correspondent scored many sweet deals, the sweetest of which was certainly a gorgeous golf bag from back when stuff was still made in the USA. $5!