No condos at Weston and Oak

The vacant lot at Weston Rd and Oak St will remain vacant for the next five years, according to InsideToronto. This lot is directly across for the Ward Broome Building, which will likely soon be demolished. Your humble reporter does not know if the two issues are related.

The vacant land had been zoned for condominiums, but the article says Metrolinx has since purchased it, and will use as a staging area for the construction on the Georgetown line

A sidebar to the article lists some of the other vacant properties in Weston.

Ford Says Eglinton Subway Next Priority after Sheppard

Rob Ford has personally responded to a WestonWeb editorial by saying that Transit City is not dead but is being refocussed underground. According to the Mayor, his first priority is to build a subway on Sheppard Avenue. His second is the Eglinton line, and it will open by 2020.  Ford says that he has asked the TTC to present plans that will achieve these goals.

This appears to be the first time that Mayor Ford has commented on specific Transit City priorities and on the Eglinton line in particular.

Mayor Ford’s correspondence finally brings some good news for Weston residents. We will have to see whether or not the line will reach Weston and where stations will be located, but at least we are included in transportation planning.

Weston gangster acquitted

Akiel Eubank has been acquitted of the murder of Ephraim Brown, an 11-year-old boy, who was shot at a party in 2007.

Eubank was a member of the Five Point Generals, a Weston-area gang. At the time of his arrest, he was well known to police for weapons offenses and violence. He had been previously arrested for assaulting a police officer at Mario Bros, a now-defunct Weston bar.

The trial of Eubank hung on the testimony of  a witness, Kishauna Thomas. No other witnesses came forward, and the jury, apparently, did not find her believable–though she had been threatened for testifying.

The Five Point Generals have likely been disbanded in the interim. Toronto Police claim to have broken up the gang.

City staff recommend demolition of Ward Broome Bldg

The Ward Broome building at 2431 Weston Rd, just south of Oak St, will likely be demolished.

Dave Tomei applied to Etobicoke York Community Council for permission to demolish the former industrial paint and coating building. City staff have given their go-ahead, subject to conditions, and the matter will go one more time before the community council before going up to the city level for approval.

The existing private trees must be preserved, and Tomei will have to negotiate a beautification agreement with city staff.

Coroner now investigating In Touch retirement home

The Toronto Star reports that the Ontario coroners’ office will be investigating the In Touch retirement home in Weston.

In Touch was the subject of an undercover investigation by the Star that revealed terrible maltreatment of residents. Three residents may have died from starvation, today’s report says. Residents’ money also may have been stolen.

The Ontario coroner’s office is investigating the suspicious deaths of three elderly residents of a controversial west Toronto retirement home.

The coroner’s probe comes after a Star investigation detailed allegations that residents Edith Farrell, 80, and Danny Henderson, 74, died in hospital earlier this year after suffering severe malnutrition at In Touch Retirement Living.

After the story ran, family and friends of a third resident, Nellie Dineno, 83, came forward with allegations that she too had serious health problems that went untreated before her death in late July.