Events this week

The future of the Church Street hospital will be discussed this Monday, June 2, 2014 at 7 pm in the hospital’s cafeteria at 200 Church Street.  Importantly, the future of the  existing site at 200 Church Street will be discussed.

The all-candidates debate will be held this Wednesday, at 7 pm, at the York Civic Centre, at 2700 Eglinton. Laura Albanese, who skipped the televised debate, has said she will attend.

Ontario Election Debate poster v.5 final

The official opening of the Farmers’ Market will be next Saturday, June 14, with live music, a free waffle breakfast, and a kids’ zone.

Market opening day, 2014

A word about strategic voting

If my wife gets confused about civics, anyone can get confused about civics. Give me a second to explain strategic voting:

In this riding, only two kinds of people should vote strategically:

  • Conservatives who are worried about Paul Ferreira (NDP) winning
  • Greens who are worried about Laura Albanese (Lib) winning

Nobody else should vote strategically: in particular, if you, like my wife, generally are NDP but are worried about a Conservative Premier, there is no point in voting Liberal. It cannot make a difference. 

Here’s why: you can only elect your MPP. You cannot elect the Premier or the governing party. You get one vote: for your MPP. C’est tout.

You get to choose who sits in York South–Weston’s seat. The party that wins the most seats gets to form the government.¹

If you vote NDP and the Liberals win this seat, but the Conservatives win the most seats, then the Conservatives form the government.

If you vote Liberal, the Liberals win this seat, but the Conservatives win the most seats, then the Conservatives form the government.

If you vote NDP and the NDP win this seat, but the Conservatives win the most seats, well, there you go. You got what you could get. Voting Liberal would not have changed a thing.

Why, then, should the Conservatives and Greens in YSW vote strategically? With love and respect to Andrew Ffrench and Jessica Higgins, they don’t stand a chance here. Would that it were otherwise, but it is not; this riding has been a close fight between the NDP and Liberals for years. A conservative here would probably prefer a Liberal in the seat to the NDP, and her vote for Ffrench would be unlikely to get him elected. She should² vote for Albanese, to improve Albanese’s chances. Greens are the same, except for the NDP. (This assumes, of course, that the Tories have more in common with the Grits and Greens have a touch of orange. That may not be true, especially in this election, but I am done with this civics lesson now.)






¹ Yes, coalition governments are an exception, and they never happen, so whatever.

² “Should” is a funny word. I’m not saying this is the moral thing to do, just the realist thing to do.



Bike with Mike

Mike Sullivan will be hosting a free bike tune-up and ride down the Humber River trail—one of Toronto’s hidden gems—this Saturday. Weston Wheels, the LEF’s bike service, will be doing the tune-ups from noon until 3 pm. Mike’s ride will start then.

Best of all: they’ll give you and your bike a ride back to Weston.

I’ve done the ride several times. It’s nice, long, and generally downhill. And boy-oh-boy is it pretty in parts.

June Fair at Memo

The annual Weston Memorial June Fair will be Thursday, June 5, and if you don’t attend, your children will hate you. I will hate you. And Ms Madarasz will… well, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of Ms Madarasz. She’s strick, my son says.

Seriously, though, the fair is a blast and raises money for things like school smart boards and trips.