Monthly restaurant report

It was a bad week to be un cuoco pizza nel Weston. (I’m learning Italian.)

Halal Pizza, Weston’s oddest restaurant (except, perhaps, for the Scottish one),  got yellow-carded on its most recent restaurant inspection for one crucial error and two significant ones.

Halal Pizza did not keep its food at 4ºC or colder, did not have clean towels, and did not clean the washroom fixtures.

2-4-1 Pizza at Little got a yellow for not having hand-washing supplies, not ensuring food safety, and not using a cover for food.

Family Pizza Panzerotto (spelled, uncommonly, with the correct singular -o instead of the Americanized -i) got yellowed for not having washroom supplies, not washing up, and, yikes, not preventing adulteration of food. Mmmm. Italian adultery. Bunga bunga!

Popeye’s, El Taquito, and Indian Sweets and Samosa continued their unbroken streaks of perfect inspections.

The HJ Alexander before and after care was also dinged with a yellow card for not providing a separate handwashing sink for employees.


John Street closed permanently

John Street will be permanently closed to all traffic today, May 1. A pedestrian bridge will be built in fall.

The pedestrian bridge

The work is being done to “complete the Weston Tunnel through this area and to re-route and upgrade the water main currently crossing the rail corridor”, according to a spokesperson for Metrolinx. The bridge cannot be built until the tunnel is finished.

The 59 Maple Leaf bus, already re-routed, will be re-re-routed up King, which will be reopened.

The new way
The old way

Albanese to run again

In what must have been a formality, Laura Albanese was confirmed as the Liberal candidate for York South–Weston last week.

If the NDP does not support the budget on Thursday, there will soon be an election. Nobody has yet said that they will oppose Albanese; for decades, though, only the NDP has ever been a serious contender for the provincial seat.


Jane’s Walk this Saturday May 3rd.

Jane's Walk2014-GB

On Saturday, May 3rd at 5:30 pm, a ‘Jane’s Walk’ will feature the Humber Trail between Lions Park and the weir in Raymore Park. To commemorate the upcoming 60th anniversary of Hurricane Hazel this year, the emphasis will be on the storm, its effects and after-effects on the environment both natural and human. There is no charge for this event.

Some of the stops along the way will be:

Stop 1: Lawrence Avenue Bridge

The effects of Hurricane Hazel and its deluge of water on the bridge and surroundings.

Stop 2: Lion’s Park / Weston Fairground

Stop 3: Raymore Foot Bridge

The history of the footbridge that once existed at this point and its current successor.

Stop 4: Raymore Drive (across bridge)

The ground where 36 people lost their lives; the role of the old bridge. View traces of the settlement that was destroyed.

Stop 5: Raymore Park

The aftermath of Hazel and the organization set up to acquire and manage flood plain land.

Stop 6: Raymore Park dam

The fish ladder and migrating trout. The future of weirs along the Humber.

Stop 7: Chapman Valley Park / Humber Creek

The flooding that occurred at the top of this creek on July 8 2013, and the impact development has had on rivers across the city

Stop 8:

Urban river valleys, the Greenbelt, and the upcoming staff report and vote in city council to add the Humber, Don, and Etobicoke Creek to the Greenbelt.

  • Option 1: Retrace our steps along the Humber path,
  • Option 2: walk through the streets, past the wooden church at Scarlett and Kingdom, down Raymore Drive, crossing back over Raymore bridge and ending back up at Lion’s Park.

Walk Leaders:

Mary Louise Ashbourne (Weston Historical Society)
Gaspar Horvath (TRCA)
Roy Murray (Humber Watershed Alliance)
Shelley Petrie (Friends of the Greenbelt)
Michael Cook (Lost Rivers)

Meeting point: Car park at Lawrence Avenue and Little Avenue (Cruickshank Park) at 5:30pm.

Events this week

The Board of the Toronto Public Library will be hosting its next meeting at the Mount Dennis branch. This is, for library lovers, a little exciting: it’s part of a new push to get the brass into the burbs—and to give the burbs more access to the brass.

The meeting will be held Monday, April 28, at 6:30. The Board will be getting a tour of the newly renovated library starting at 6.