You’ll never guess the news today: Another mugging!

This time, according to police, two women approached a 39-year-old man at around 3 am on Wednesday morning at the intersection of Weston and Lawrence. They talked to him while going through his pockets; the women then fled in a taxi with his keys and phone.

The police report does not say why the man let the women go through his pockets, nor how the women hailed a taxi so quickly. The man was not injured until he told his wife what had happened.

Brutal purse snatching in Weston

A violent mugging happened on Monday night in Weston. A 41-year-old woman was walking in the area of Pine St and MacDonald Ave at around 11:30 pm when three young men approached her from behind. They struck her in the head with an object and stole her purse. They fled toward Lawrence Avenue.

Mugging and purse snatchings are not uncommon in Weston, but almost all happen along Lawrence Ave, and almost none involve violence. This one is unusual because it happened within the village and because it was so brutal.

According to police, the victim was treated in hospital for her injuries.




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Weston business on TV tonight

Diana sends in this tip about a local business that will be on the tube tonight:  “Sheri Lowe from the World of Cake Decorating is going to be on Rich Groom, Poor Groom tonight on Slice at 9 pm.  She does the cake for the episode.”

Rich Groom, Poor Groom is a reality show in which “the groom plans the entire wedding! Everything he chooses is kept secret from his bride, including her dress! He’s ready for the challenge, but is she ready for the outcome?”




The Dog Days of Summer

Summertime is traditionally a period of slow news when legislatures close and politicians return home to their families and spend some time out of the public eye. Naturally this can lead to very some dull fare for political junkies as the media tries to pass off trivia as real news. Here at WestonWeb, it’s hard not to shamelessly and cravenly follow this tradition ourselves. In fact we have a ‘Weird and Wacky’ news category for precisely when news slows down and the dog days of summer arrive.

You, dear Reader can help us in one of two ways by either sending us tips on stories that are newsworthy or by contributing your own ‘Weird and Wacky’ story ideas. Either way we win.

Again, a mugging at Jane and Lawrence

A young man was mugged in broad daylight at Jane and Lawrence on Friday. Two men approached the 15-year old at about 5:30 pm, grabbed him, and took an iPod and cash from him. He was not injured.

Jane and Lawrence has seen a rash of muggings lately. This is the second reported mugging of young people at that intersection this month, and the seventh mugging this year.


Art exhibition this weekend

An exciting art exhibition is on this weekend. Four artists are showing photographs and paintings.

The gallery is open from 1–8, and is in the BIA building at 4 John St. The show runs only until Sunday.