Final week for skating in Pearen Park

It’s the final week of skating in Pearen Park, the excellent, free, community-organized skating rink in Mount Dennis.

I’ve been taking an online class on documentary making, and I’ve been working on a show about the people behind the magic at the rink.

Keep in mind that it’s for an international audience‚ so I’ve conflated Etobicoke, Mount Dennis, and Weston. Though the distinctions matter, I hope you’ll overlook them to see how much I admire the local heroes Josie and Simon.

Accused murderer convicted for robbery

A man accused of the murders of four Torontonians (including two Weston men) has been convicted of shooting a jeweller in a brutal robbery. Prosecutors have asked the judge to sentence Mark Garfield Moore to 15 years.

Moore is also accused of shooting Courthney Facey and Mike James in Weston in September of 2010. The two young men were, police say, murdered for no reason at all. Moore had allegedly been on a months-long rampage through Toronto.

The accused lived in Scarborough but has ties to Weston. He was himself shot here when he was 16. His face is still scarred from the incident.

One of Moore’s brothers, who was later murdered, was alleged to have shot a police officer. Moore’s girlfriend was accused of intimidating witnesses. His mother was charged with destroying evidence.

Moore will be sentenced for the robbery and aggravated assault on March 14.

Crime this week

Oh, man, it was a lousy week for crime in Weston.

An 11-year-old boy was mugged by another boy near the intersection of King and Weston Roads. He had his MP3 player stolen. The victim was not injured.

A taxi driver was mugged on Sunday at about 3:30 in the morning. His passenger threatened him with a knife at Weston and Oak and fled with the driver’s cash.

The Royal Bank at 1906 Weston was robbed on the 13th at about 4:30. The suspect threatened a teller with a firearm and demanded cash. He fled with it.


No hockey beer for you

The rest of the city will be able to drink beer when the men’s early-morning gold medal hockey game is on, but Weston will be dry. Frances Nunziata voted for drinks in the rest of the city, but opted Ward 11 (our ward) out. No breakfast beer for you.

Stunning everyone, Rob Ford voted against beer and hockey. His Worship wasn’t seized by the spirit of temperance, however. Council allowed alcohol only at bars and restaurants, and Ford thought that didn’t go far enough. He thought that nightclubs should be allowed to serve too.


Cellphone ban working

The ban on stolen cellphones, which was born in Weston, has succeeded, according to an article in The Star.

Kugan says he only buys used phones from a trusted wholesaler and turns away at least five customers a day who want phones unlocked.

“I don’t unlock them. I tell them go to the web site,” says Kugan, referring to, the CWTA website that allows users to check up to two IMEI numbers a day against the list. “They don’t come back.”

Frances Nunziata and Mike Sullivan pushed for a national database of stolen phones because young people in Weston were being mugged, often after school. Stolen phones cannot be reactivated, and are therefore much less valuable.


Ford endorses Nunziata

Mayor Rob Ford no longer has his radio show, or television show, or the support of the “biased media”¹, but he’s never allowed a little thing like support to stop him from doing whatever the id demands. So now he and his brother have taken to “the YouTube” (Doug’s words), to communicate their idea directly to their supporter.²

This week, the Fords released six videos. In one of them, Rob Ford lists the councillors he wants defeated—and the ones he thinks shouldn’t be. Frances Nunziata, our councillor, makes his short list of core supporters: she is one of only four he thinks deserves reëlection.


¹ These are Doug’s words. I know you know, but the “biased media” argument is the last refuge of a nutter. We’re witnessing the final thrashings of a man dragged into the light. Look at the backdrop of the video. It’s a wrinkly vinyl sign. My god; it’s Shakespeare. Ford had to hide under a vinyl sign in his final days—it is his family standard and his father’s blanket.  Listen to the video. They sound like they’re far away and echoey. Ford Nation is produced by Wayne’s World local access cable—if Wayne were bereft of wit and irony.

² Sons should call their mothers.