Local man missing

Toronto Police are looking for a missing man who was last seen at Jane St and Wilson Ave.

Zachary Fernandes, 19, is white, skinny, 5’10, and 140 lbs. He has short brown hair and was last seen wearing dark jeans with a white jacket. He was carrying a black bag.

He may have been seen at Vaughn Mills Mall.

If you have seen Zachary Fernandes, you can call the police at (416) 808-3100 or 222-TIPS.


Frances Nunziata debunks library group’s allegations

Frances Nunziata left a voicemail for me about the “Our Public Libraries” group. She says that the group is spreading “misinformation” and that “privatizing the libraries is not even on the table”.

She is in an excellent position to know; Nunziata is a close ally of Rob Ford. The KPMG report does not, as far as your humble correspondent can discern, discuss privatizing the library system, only reducing and consolidating service.


Library protection group formed

As Toronto considers its options to deal with a budget shortfall, a group has formed to protect Toronto’s public libraries. Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother, quipped that his riding has more libraries than Tim Horton’s (as if that were a bad thing), and a consultant’s report said today that money could be saved by shortening hours, consolidating resources, and closing branches.

Several readers have sent along a link to the group opposing these changes.

Weston’s Public Library is a fixture of the community, and has been for  180 years. It was first formed in 1830, and became a public library in 1885. Weston seems to have had one of the first public libraries in Toronto. It has been at its current location at the corner of King and Weston Rd since 1915.



A short-lived respite from muggings

After twenty quiet days and three arrests, another mugging took place at Jane and Lawrence. Toronto Police report a familiar story: two young people (a man and a woman, in this case) were surrounded by a pack of young men who stole their cellphones and money. The victims were uninjured.

Police are seeking five young men, all between 16 and 19, one of whom is very short—about 4’10”.



Documentary about dirty diesel trains released

A local filmmaker has made a documentary about the struggle against diesel trains, according to InsideToronto.

“It took me six to eight months to get a handle on it, the scope, the history – it’s a full-time job to keep up with what’s going on,” he said. “That’s what the Clean Train Coalition did well. They didn’t let (Metrolinx) get away with anything. They knew their stuff. They were really good at making sure all the right stuff got out there. I have to extend a lot of credit to them.”

The filmmaker is offering screenings to interested groups. His email address is jw[at]jeffwinch.com

Farmer’s Market will expand; cultural centre will be built on John St

Metrolinx, the City, and the Province of Ontario will cooperate to buy land on John St to build an expanded Farmer’s Market and a space for cultural activities, according to an announcement from Laura Albanese and Frances Nunziata.

According to the press release, Metrolinx will contribute to the cost of land on John St. The City will plan and build a facility to host the market and a cultural hub. A design conference held in May created goals and plans for revitalizing Weston. Residents and the organizers said the market was an important part of the community, and must be preserved.

Laura Albanese said in the press release that “Metrolinx’s latest contribution when combined with the new transit investment will create a community space that sets the stage for an arts and culture centre and Market District as part ofthe revitalization of the community.”

Frances Nuniziata told me several times that she would like to see the market moved indoors.

Maestro Fresh Wes to appear at CultureShock Festival

 Wes ‘Maestro’ Williams (formerly known as Maestro Fresh Wes) will be headlining this year’s CultureShock Festival, put on by UrbanArts. Michie Mee and Cabbie Richards will be the masters of ceremony.

CultureShock is an annual festival showcasing the artistic accomplishments of local young people; if it’s like last year, there will be food, dance, music and art.

UrbanArts, located on John St, is a community arts group that strives to engage Weston and Mount Dennis youth in artistic programs. It offers a graffiti transformation project, summer arts programs, theatre and dance.

The festival is from 6–9 on Friday, August 12, and from 1–7 on Saturday August 13.