George Brown College planning (again) to come to Weston

According to Mike Sullivan, our MP, George Brown College has applied for money to build a Weston campus at the new GO Station at Weston and Lawrence.

George Brown has long been interested in a campus in our neighbourhood, but had flirted with other locations and kept their plans quite quiet. In 2010, Paul Bedford, Toronto’s former chief planner, floated the idea, and since then, there had been occasional rumours that the college would build a campus at 33 King.  Those plans seemed to fade when COSTI opened a branch at that address.

Now Mike Sullivan says in a letter to Glen Murray, Ontario’s Minister of Training, College and Universities, that George Brown has applied for funding to build the new campus; he also expresses his concern that the lead time could be extremely long—”perhaps as long as ten years”. He is asking the province for clarification.

Youth In Policing Initiative

A variety of work experiences.

Toronto Police are now in the process of hiring 150 students between the ages of 14 and 17 for a summer job experience known as the Youth In Policing Initiative. The idea is to give students a week of training, followed by an opportunity to experience an aspect of a wide variety of work environments. Students will be assigned to such areas as the Police Mounted Unit, Court Services and Forensic Identification Services to name a few. Young people will be exposed to the work environment through a motivating and enjoyable format. Interested youth should be legally able to work in Canada and intend to return to school in September.

For more detail explore the YIPI site here or contact the Youth in Policing Initiative Program Coordinator at 416-808-7618. Updated deadline: Friday March 2nd.

Pick a bridge – any bridge

When John Street closes at the rail line, the two sections will be linked by a footbridge. Metrolinx would like your input in selecting the bridge and have narrowed the choice down to the four contenders presented below. The bridges will be discussed in detail next Saturday March 3rd at the Active Living Centre, 1901 Weston Road between 10am and 2pm with a presentation at noon. You can also review the design concepts by visiting their community office at 1631 Weston Road (416-241-2300). Scroll down for the feedback link.

Montgomery Sisam's "Stairs Ramp"
DTAH's "Twin Arch"
DTAH's "Green Truss"
Barry Padolsky's "White Truss"

If you can’t make the meeting, feedback is possible through this link.

Cycle Path Update

End of the trail, Cruickshank Park looking north.

Just a quick item to inform readers that the City of Toronto is looking for input on their new multi-use bicyle lane projects as outlined here. From the link is an input form that looks like it has to be printed off and faxed.

The city would like to extend the bike trail that ends abruptly at Cruickshank Park and link it via the riverbank to rejoin the network north of the 401 avoiding streets and traffic entirely. Apparently the various property owners along the route have been consulted.

Perhaps it won't.

Another project proposes extending the west-rail path north along the rail lines.  Right now their plan is to come north and when it reaches Black Creek and Weston, to follow north along the creek.  Ideally, it would continue along the railway and head up into Weston Village.

The bad news is that the deadline for for comments is Friday February 24.

Traces of Weston’s Past

A hint of days gone by

A tantalizing glimpse of Weston’s past is still visible on Weston near Lawrence. Here, an old mural proclaims what appears to be his and hers engagement rings for $125. This apparently was available at Weston’s Peoples Credit Jewellers. Payments were $2.00 weekly after a $12.00 deposit. My neighbour tells me that prior to Yorkdale Mall’s opening in 1964, Weston was a hotbed of commerce with several shoe stores, high-end tailors and department stores (Kresge’s). She remembers the streetcars that once trundled up Weston Road.

I wonder if there is thought to preserving or even restoring this mural, now that Weston seems poised to be on an upswing. It might be worthwhile to find and replicate or restore further examples.

Mt Dennis LRT station back in play

Details are sketchy, but in a presentation last week, Metrolinx said Mt Dennis will again be getting a rapid-transit station, but that it may be redesigned. That station, at Weston Road and Eglinton, had been thrown into doubt by the Ford administration’s now-overturned decision to bury the line.

Frances Nunziata opposes the old plan to build the station because homes would have to have been expropriated. Steve Munro, Toronto’s best transit blogger, says that Metrolinx may be willing to redesign that station. He said,

I asked about the possibility of redesign of the section through Mount Dennis (Weston Road) and near Don Mills and the DVP. Metrolinx confirmed that details of these areas are still being worked out.

I have some good news and some bad news

The bad news is that a man was arrested for possession of a prohibited handgun and a large quantity of drugs. The good news is that the man was arrested.

Octavio Travassos, 30, was arrested by the Guns and Gangs Task Force in a home on Denison road on Monday. They found cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and hash as well as a handgun and ammunition.

Travassos now faces 11 charges.