Albanese pitches bill to reduce WSIB contributions for construction

How much workers’ safety insurance should small construction companies pay? The Ontario government says that all companies—large and small—should pay the full WSIB premiums. Laura Albanese, our MPP, says that some small operators should pay less.

Albanese put a private member’s bill in the legislature last week that will reduce the WSIB premiums that small construction companies pay. Her bill is in response to a reform of the WSIB system that will make independent operators, sole proprietors, partners and executives pay the same premiums as large companies.

Albanese’s bill would reduce the amount. Small companies would pay only 1/3 of what workers in large companies pay. This will, the Homebuilders’ Association says, make small, law-abiding companies more competitive with under-the-table, cash companies.


Mount Dennis ice rink open(ing)

The excellent, free, community-run Mount Dennis ice rink in Pearen Park is open, weather permitting. Volunteers make and staff the rink, and provide free lessons and rentals to anyone who asks. They are also looking for volunteers.


If you have a few extra bucks around, I cannot think of a better place to donate them. I’m going to.

Tory and Liberal tag team destroys electrification hopes.

The second reading of Davenport MPP Jonah Schein’s private members bill to electrify the Union Pearson Express was unable to withstand the combined vote of minority governing Liberals and opposition P.C.s. and was consequently defeated. Precisely what interest the Hudak Tories have in blocking the bill is a mystery because passing a private member’s bill would not have triggered an election. Perhaps they have their own plans for the line if they can form a government after a possible spring election. Besides, anyone looking to the Tories for cleaner air is likely a cock-eyed optimist. The Liberals’ excuse is that they have to wait for the environmental study (a.k.a. delay of game) before acting. The depressing Hansard transcript (including some lovely eye-rolling moments) is on Jonah Schein’s site.

Read more in Oye Times.

Metrolinx ordered to answer some questions about construction

The Canadian Transportation Authority has ordered Metrolinx to answer questions about the ongoing construction in Weston.

Mike Sullivan, our MP, lodged a complaint with the CTA this year on behalf of residents. The CTA has asked Metrolinx to make clear what construction is happening, when it is going on, how much noise is being generated, how the noise is being mitigated, and whether Metrolinx has studied the noise.

If the CTA finds that the railway noise is unreasonable, it can order Metrolinx to make changes. The CTA will make its decision by mid-March.