Doors closed in Weston

Almost 150 buildings around Toronto will open to the public next weekend as part of the Doors Open festival. Some are spectacular, like the Architects’ Headquarters. Some are quiet, like the Fischer Rare Book Library. Some are holy, like St James Cathedral; and some appear pretty banal—like the potting shed at Casa Loma.

But none are in Weston. Not even one.

By way of contrast: the Junction has three sites, Parkdale has five. Four sites are within walking distance of High Park.

This, in your humble correspondent’s opinion, is a let down. Weston has many interesting buildings worth a look-see, and which are not normally open to the public. I would love to see what goes on in the Masonic Lodge and post office on Weston Road. I’m sure I’m only one of a dozen people to have been in the Plank Road building in the past 50 years. There are many old, beautiful churches I wouldn’t normally go into, given my faith (or lack thereof). I’m sure I’m not the only one.

More importantly, not having Doors Open means we miss a chance to build a bridge between the two Westons. I’ve never been in the public and low-rent housing around town, even though I write about it. I’ve never been to the Weston King Neighbourhood Drop In, to my shame. And even if I don’t always physically stay on my side of the tracks, I emotionally do. I would have welcomed an open door—and opened mine as well, of course.

And you, dear reader, what would you like to see, if the doors were open to you? Leave a comment.

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Weston students win business competition

InsideToronto has an article about four skilled Weston Collegiate students who won first prize in a business competition put on by Junior Achievement of Central Ontario.

Prasanna Patel, Krishna Shah, Poojan Parikh and Shagana Uthaykumar each won $1,000 scholarships towards post-secondary education, plus gift cards from Future Shop for taking first place in the Titan Challenge, organized by business education group Junior Achievement of Central Ontario.

Another shot in the train wars

The Clean Train Coalition just keeps saying  “I think I can; I think I can”, even when the odds look long.

Metrolinx has said many times and for months that the Air Rail Link cutting through Weston will be diesel, at least until it (maybe) gets the money to electrify (sometime) in the future. That’s not good enough for the Clean Train Coalition, which has been hounding Metrolinx for years, and which recently sent its chair, Mike Sullivan, to the House of Commons as our MP.

The Clean Train Coalition co-sponsored research completed by the group Transport Action Canada. The result is an enormous report, released this week, covering world-wide transit solutions and the history of transit in Ontario. But it comes to a simple conclusion:

Now, the opportunity has arisen to recommit to GO and fully embrace its ability to bring about decisive change to the community habits and land development patterns of the GTHA…. More trains, on more lines, operating on quicker schedules, seven days a week….

The time for accelerated GO Transit electrification is now.

The report can be downloaded here.


Frances Nunziata votes for privatized trash pickup

Frances Nunziata, the councillor for Weston, voted this week in favour of privatized garbage service in our area.

The initiative is a big part of Mayor Rob Ford’s vision for the city, but the measure passed only with significant concessions. Privatized collection, if given final approval, would start in the west end of the city, including in Weston, before being expanded.

Weston had private collection before amalgamation. The city took over when York was amalgamated into Toronto; de-privatizing garbage collection actually saved money–about $4 million.

Nunziata voted against the first round of privatization when she was mayor of York, according to Torontoist.


Queens Drive Street Sale announced

The dates for the always-epic Queens Drive street sale have been announced. Hundreds of Torontonians will come to Weston on Saturday, June 11, to look for unappreciated treasures.

At least two local groups are looking for your help raising money. You can help:

  • Weston Memorial Public School by getting in touch with Brigitte at [email protected]
  • Weston Village Child Care by calling Kim at (416) 245-3585.

Both organizations are looking for gently-used goods and volunteer help.

Nice poster for sale

I know it’s not really news, news, but I thought it was neat. Squibb’s Stationers on Weston Rd has a lovely poster for sale to raise money for the  Weston Heritage Conservation District.

The poster shows a street scene made from a montage of local houses. It looks to be quite lovely.



Happy Birthday to us!

Today is a big day! WestonWeb is one year old!

In the past year, we’ve published 345 posts, more than one for every working day. The response has been great: We’ve had almost 18,000 visits!   Last month alone we had more than 2800 visits.

We’ve had visitors from Syria, Portugal, China and Panama, among many others. Almost 900 people visited from the States. Welcome to Weston, all of you!

We’ve also had some illustrious guests. The Toronto Star stops by all the time, as does the Canadian Press (Watch your lunch, you ink-stained wretches!). Employees of the City of Toronto check in regularly (Keep up the good work!) as have a couple of people from the big buildings in Ottawa and Queen’s Park (Glad to have you!)

But thanks, most of all, to you, dear readers. I know that I’ve really loved this part of my day. I hope you’ve enjoyed WestonWeb too.