Swanek Park

Swanek Park is getting an upgrade. The park, which is frequently pretty swampy, will have pipes and channels installed to improve drainage.

The channels will be installed in the rough shape of a lower-case g and will in some places be covered with gravel. The work should begin in November and be completed by the spring—earlier if weather allows.

According to the planning group, the city will build a walking path around the park next year or in 2015, depending on when the budget is approved. It might be possible to improve the playground set at the same time, and the group is looking for input from local parents and children.

The baseball diamond could also use some work, and residents are looking to raise money from charitable groups and fundraising.

If you would like to be involved in the Pelmo Swanek Community Association, you can contact contact Ross Parry at r o s s [email protected] Remove the spaces to spell the word “ross”, though.


Trail extension proceeding.

The extension should be completed by the end of this year.
Graders and diggers lay out the trail extension which will be paved by the end of the year.

Construction on the 600 metre extension to the Humber River cycle / walking trail is well under way. While this new (breathtakingly beautiful) section will begin at the north end of Cruickshank Park it will end at Mallaby Park, tantalizingly disconnected from the rest of the trail which resumes at Fairglen Crescent. Apparently negotiations are proceeding which will sort out rights of way and allow the two sections to link up. This will save cyclists some nasty traffic encounters north of St Phillips and allow for an almost traffic-free trip to the lake from the North of Toronto.

Sullivan: Harper government ignoring Weston flood damage.

York South-Weston MP Mike Sullivan spoke in Parliament today about the flooding in York South-Weston and revealed that despite the damage caused on July 8th, the Federal government has failed to offer any meaningful assistance.

Mr. Speaker, this past summer, the City of Toronto suffered what is described as a once-in-a-hundred-years storm. Thousands of homes were flooded, families lost cherished possessions and spent millions rebuilding. Neighbourhoods in my riding of York South—Weston were among the hardest hit.

I visited the flooded streets to offer comfort and assistance. I saw tremendous resilience from the very young to the very old. I also saw the aftermath of the current Conservative government’s neglect of our city and its critical infrastructure needs, such as improved sewer systems, some of which are over 100 years old.

With climate change, severe storms like the one that hit Toronto on July 8 will become more frequent. The Conservative government needs to get off the sidelines and start investing to prevent widespread flooding from happening with each big storm.

I have written on these matters to the Minister of the Environment and Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs, but the response did not offer any assistance.

This is a prime example of the climate change adaptation the government talks about. The time to help is now. My constituents not only expect it, they demand it.

Sullivan is organizing a petition to the Federal government requesting infrastructure funding for our inadequate and outdated sewer systems. Once printed off and signed, petitions can be folded, stapled closed and mailed for free to:

Mike Sullivan MP
House of Commons
K1A 0A6

Crook on the prowl

A crook is targeting people in Weston. An East-Indian male, about 30 and driving a Honda, knocks on doors asking to inspect water meters. He then burgles the house taking what he can carry. He seems to target elderly people.

If you haven’t made an appointment to have your water meter replaced and someone comes a-knocking, you know what to do: Call me to knock his teeth out. We’ll call the cops together.


Something is planned for the Beer Store lot

Something is happening at the Beer Store lot, but there are few details. Frances Nunziata’s office will announce the new plans at a meeting at 7 pm on Wednesday, October 30, at 1901 Weston Road. Alas, your humble correspondent has not yet received an invitation.

Nunziata’s office would not provide any detail about the plans or her announcement. The last plan for that site was for “thirty-eight, three-storey townhouse units with integral garages located in seven building blocks.”¹

Thanks to the tipster!


Oddly, YHC was unable to find the plans last night and, to his recollection, had never seen them before, despite fairly regular searches of the planning site. An email this morning from our fair Councillor’s office said that he “may not view the planning documents online” though they might be available in person.

But, lo!, this afternoon, YHC was able to find them online. Perhaps it is merely his inept searching and faulty memory that did not bring them to the fore in the first place. And perhaps the good councillor’s staff did not search themselves. And perhaps the councillor’s noble efforts to save postage by hand-delivering flyers meant that he did not receive one. And perhaps the councillor’s staff is merely trying to build suspense by not revealing plans in advance.

And perhaps your humble correspondent will be pleasantly surprised to see plans for 38 well-designed townhomes with integral garages on the evening of the 30th.

And perhaps not.