Mugging on Queens Drive

A young man was mugged in the mid-afternoon on Queens Drive, near Jane, according to 31 Division police.

Two young men approached the victim at about 3:45. They threatened him and demanded his iPhone. The victim handed it over, and the muggers fled east, toward Jane St. The victim was not injured.

Last year there were similar muggings in the after-school hours when the weather was still fair. In the most striking case, two young men were mugged within half-an-hour of each other at the same intersection.

This mugging is somewhat unusual, however. Almost all the other muggings happen along the busy streets: Jane, Weston, and Lawrence. Only one other mugging in the past year happened on the residential area; last month, a 13-year-old boy had his phone stolen in the mid-afternoon.

If you happened to witness one of the muggings, you can always get in touch with the police at 222-TIPS.



Another purse snatching at Jane and Lawrence

Toronto Police report that a 30-year-old woman was mugged by two men at the corner of Vimy and Lawrence Aves.

At 9 pm on Tuesday, two males approached the woman from behind, pushed her, and took her purse. They fled, according to police, eastbound on Jane (though Jane runs north-south.)

This is the third reported purse snatching near that intersection in recent months. In early February, two women were robbed in the early evening. Police issued a warning to residents later that month.

You can view a map of the robberies in Weston here.


Questions For Federal Candidates – Election is on Monday, 2nd May 2011.

Before submitting these questions to our major Federal Election candidates, Weston Web invites readers to add their own through the comments facility of this article. These will be added to the list and presented to candidates on Wednesday, April 13. Responses from candidates will be published as they are received.

The candidates are (in alphabetical order):

Sonny Day – Green

Jilian Saweczko – Conservative

Mike Sullivan – NDP

Alan Tonks – Liberal


1. What has been your biggest contribution to the York South Weston community?

2. If your party forms the next government, what will you do to help your constituency?

3. If your party does not form the next government, what will you do to help your constituency?

4. What are the three biggest obstacles facing York South Weston in 2011?

5. What can you and your party do to overcome these obstacles?

6. Does York South Weston receive a fair share of Federal money in your opinion?

7. Do you live in York South Weston? If not, why not?

8. In what ways has Alan Tonks performed well as our MP?

9. In what ways could Alan Tonks have performed better as our MP?

10. What has the current federal government done for York South Weston?

11. What has the current government failed to do for York South Weston?

12. What makes you the best person for the job of our MP?

All candidates meeting announced

A reader has sent the following notice:

An All Candidates Meeting for the upcoming Federal Election will be held on Wednesday, April 13th at the Mount Dennis Legion, 1050 Weston Road, just south of Eglinton (west side), from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  This event is sponsored by the Weston Village Residents’ Association, the Mount Dennis Community Association, the Greenhills Community Association and the Silverthorn Ratepayers’ Association.


Nunziata and the Board of Health

The Toronto Board of Health makes some important decisions regarding health matters in Toronto. A letter from Councillor Frances Nunziata questioning the efficacy of fluoridation was received by the Board in January. The councillor’s letter made some unsubstantiated suggestions that fluoridation of Toronto’s water may not only be ineffective but actually harmful. This is the same sort of unscientific nonsense that surfaces from time to time and is sometimes taken seriously with potentially devastating effects.

The anti-flouridation movement seems to have been spearheaded by some right-wing, tin-foil hatted groups. These people equated fluoridation with government interference and other socialist plots. Fluoride is a poison, according to them, and doesn’t belong in drinking water. They forget that fluoridation (like chlorination of water) has huge and proven benefits.

Incidentally, removing fluoride would most affect the poor and the young. Not a great idea for Weston. The City of Waterloo voted to remove fluoride from the water supply last year after an extensive fear-mongering campaign led to a narrow referendum vote against fluoridation. Dentists in that city now fear an epidemic of cavities and gum disease.

Thankfully, our Board of Health bases its decisions on scientific evidence and voted unanimously to recommend continued fluoridation of Toronto’s drinking water. We hope our councillor can think twice before giving credence to similar dangerous groups.

Jane St station may not be dead

Get out your stamps, warm up your dialing fingers, and start up your computers: the Mt Dennis station of the Eglinton LRT may not be dead.

Last week, the province and the city announced a deal to build the Eglinton LRT underground, but on a far shorter route than had previously been planned. They announced the new route would start at Black Creek and go east, into Scarborough. This plan would leave Weston–Mt Dennis off the subway.

Now it turns out that Metrolinx isn’t so sure. Steve Munro, Toronto’s best transit blogger, has posted details that suggest Metrolinx is still considering building a station in Mt Dennis. The “Memorandum ofUnderstanding” between the Mayor and the province says that the line will run “along Eglinton from Jane Street / Black Creek to Kennedy Station.”

In a follow up email with Munro, Metrolinx said,

The exact terminus for the Eglinton line, which is in the Mt. Dennis area, will be determined through a future additional study due to the vertical and horizontal alignment (how steep the grades can be climbing out of the tunnel and which side of the road we will be on to approach the yard) between Black Creek Drive and Jane Street. The objective is to make the connection to the GO rail corridor.

The difference between Black Creek and Mount Dennis is dramatic. If the line ends at Black Creek, it will do, in your author’s opinion, nothing for our neighbourhood. From Black Creek to Mount Dennis is a steep uphill walk from the middle of nowhere along a busy street . Nobody will enjoy that stroll as part of their commute. A stop in Mount Dennis, on the other hand, would be a huge boon to that beleaguered part of town.

Planning for the Eglinton LRT has been underway for several years, and the hill between Black Creek and Weston Road has been there for substantially longer. The engineering of this stop may have already been considered. Clearly, the politics of it have not.


Weston won’t get transit hub, will get station

An article in InsideToronto seems to have sparked concern about the future of the GO station in Weston. Despite rumours to the contrary, it appears that the GO station will be built. It will not be a ‘mobility hub’, however.

The InsideToronto article implied that GO might not be committed to building the new Weston GO station because the agency estimates low ridership. One quote in particular was troubling, though (or perhaps because) it was expressed in bureaucratese: ” ‘Metrolinx will review its current ridership estimates to determine if further analysis and refinements are required to support delivery of the project,’ said Metrolinx spokesperson Ian McConachie.”

Mike Sullivan, longtime Clean Train Coalition Chair and now the federal NDP candidate in YSW said in a recent email,

Metrolinx has now hinted that the future of the station will depend on increased ridership.  Metrolinx points out that only 5% of the Georgetown passengers currently use GO to and from Weston

Laura Albanese questioned Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne in the House about the possibility that Weston might lose its station. Wynne denied that the station is threatened:

Laura Albanese: It has come to my attention… that word is spreading in the community questioning GO’s commitment to this station. Can the minister please assure my constituents that the planned new Weston GO station will go ahead?

Hon. Kathleen O. Wynne: I want to thank the member for the question about the Weston GO station, for which she advocated, and I want to assure her and her constituents that we are proceeding with the construction of the new Weston GO station. That is on track. It’s because, as I say, of her advocacy that the consultation took place in the community…

That construction of the GO station is going to be phased. The first phase will be to shift the existing station platform from the north of Lawrence Avenue to just south of Lawrence Avenue. Then, as we proceed with the station building and additional parking, Metrolinx will be speaking with local stakeholders and updating them regularly.

Kathleen Wynne minced words under further questioning, though. She said,  “Metrolinx will also be adopting the mobility hub guidelines to inform the station development.” Mobility hubs are a kind of ‘super station’ and, according to Metrolinx, “the hubs will be centres of activity, attracting opportunities for live, work, and play, all connected to the greater region through reliable, rapid transit.”

A mobility hub would be a great benefit to Weston, drawing commuters and business to the area. Jane and Eglinton was a candidate for one, though that plan is likely dead now that the Eglinton LRT line will not be coming to our neighbourhood. Sites are selected, in part, because they are at the intersection of two or more one major transit lines.

Wynne did not mean that Metrolinx will actually build a mobility hub, only that the guidelines would ‘inform development’; Ian McConachie, a Media Relations Specialist for Metrolinx, said in an email

“The Weston GO Station and Air Rail Link (ARL) stop in Weston would not fit into the category of a mobility hub for several reasons. Most importantly, the ARL station in Weston will not be a connection between two or more rapid transit commuter systems, which is required to be characterized as a mobility hub.”

Mike Sullivan said,

“I asked Leslie Woo why a place with NO people (Jane/Eglinton) is a hub and a place with lots of people and jobs (Weston), and 11 bus routes, and 2 GO routes, and 1 ARL route would not be a hub.  She said that the defining criteria was now ‘two or more higher order’ ‘intersecting’ at Jane Eglinton (Jane LRT and Eglinton LRT)…. I   She was nice about it, but refused to change her mind that Weston doesn’t qualify and Jane/Eglinton does.”