Storm follow-up meeting

Frances Nunziata has announced a flooding follow-up meeting for July 31. Last week’s meeting on the flood was a mess, with much shouting and upset. Nunziata’s office says that there will be some strategies to ensure this doesn’t happen again:

 We have asked residents who were in attendance at the last meeting to send us questions in advance, and we have asked a resident on Cordella Avenue to moderate the meeting.

The meeting will be at Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School, 99 Humber Blvd, at 7 pm.


More on disastrous meeting

InsideToronto has more on the flood meeting last week:

Nunziata said she understood the anger from residents.

“Of course they’re going to be upset. I expect them to be upset,” said Nunziata, who went door to door on Cordella Avenue to let residents know about the follow up meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 31. “This area was impacted more than any other part of the ward. It’s right next to the creek.”




Years late, TTC realizes they already have tracks for DRL

Look, I’m not, like, a real smart guy. But here’s what I noticed:

  • You can see the CN Tower and downtown if you look down the tracks
  • The tracks don’t carry subway cars

That looks like a possibility to me, and the TTC has finally cottoned onto what Westonians have known forever:  electrifying the Georgetown tracks could create a cheap connection to downtown, Liberty Village, Bloor, Eglinton, Weston, and the northern burbs.

The TTC Board has asked the TTC and Metrolinx to talk, according to The Star.

If the Georgetown corridor and Lake Shore lines were electrified, different trains could be used either to make more frequent stops or offer express service within the city, potentially eliminating the cost of tunneling a new subway, said Stintz.

“If we could get the same service without having to dig, I think it’s something worth exploring,” she said.

“Metrolinx is looking at the electrification of the Georgetown line, so this is the other half,” she said.

The discussion itself is a victory for electric train advocates, said Kevin Putnam of the Clean Train Coalition, a group of residents living along the Georgetown line that has long campaigned to electrify the commuter services there, which will increase exponentially when the Pearson airport service begins.

Nunziata makes asks at City Council

City Council last week was a long and brutal battle that included yelling, name calling, and tears. Little of the business had to do directly with Weston, but Frances Nunziata did have a few asks on the table.

Nunziata, true to form, was again after illegal after-hours bars. She asked the City Solicitor to consult with the AGCO and municipal licensing to see what can be done to deter the “violent crime, robberies, drugs, and prostitution [that[ are serious concerns associated with establishments with repeated liquor licence infractions.”

Nunziata also asked to prioritize a public meeting about sewage back ups and flooding. The next meeting was to be held in the fall of 2013. She asked for it to be done sooner.