John St gets speed humps

New speed humps are nearly finished on John St between Elm St and Jane St. Only the painting has yet to be done.

John St runs beside Weston Memorial Public School, and can be quite busy when the train releases held-up traffic. Nonetheless, getting the speed humps has been a bit of a struggle. One resident said that they were first proposed 19 years ago.

In the most recent negotiations, Etobicoke York council had to overrule city workers, who did not recommend that the humps be built. To get humps, 50% plus 1 of residents are supposed to return a ballot by mail. Transportation Services recommended against the humps because fewer than half of residents responded—even though two-thirds of those who did were in favour.

Etobicoke York council overruled the city workers and voted in favour of the installation. Six humps have now been placed at a cost of around $18,000.

Transportation Services has been overruled before. Fewer than half of the residents of MacDonald Ave, which also runs by a school, responded to their survey. The speed humps were installed anyway.

Another shooting on King St

But relax! It’s a good kind of shooting! MTV shot part of the TV show Skins in Weston today. Trucks lined King and Pine Streets, as one of the nearby homes was used for filming.

Skins, which has yet to air, is set in the eastern US but shot in Toronto. It is based on an English teenage drama aired by the BBC. The original is edgy and authentic—it’s written and performed by teenagers, and it contains nudity, drugs and swearing. So, no, it’s not Brangelina.

Shooting started in the morning, and was to continue until after midnight. Neighbours signed a release to allow the crew to work into the wee hours.

Attempted abduction in Weston area

Two young women have reported an attempted abduction in the Jane and Wilson area.

The Toronto Police say that as two 16-year-old girls were walking to school, a man got out of a parked car. He tried to grab one of the girls and pull her into the car. The victims fought him off and ran to school.

The police report say that the suspect has a “dark-black complexion, 35-44 years, 5’7”–5”8”, 161-180 lbs., brown eyes and short, dark hair. He had a noticeable 2” scar below his left eye.”

The suspect’s car is old, white, and has a crack on the right side of the windshield.

Weston needs elves

The Weston BIA is looking for volunteers to help with the 31st annual Weston Santa Claus parade.

Santa’s visit is an enormous affair. More than 50 floats take over the downtown for several hours.

The parade needs volunteers to wear costumes, act as marshalls, and carry banners.

High-school students can use the volunteer hours toward their OSSD requirements.

Sansone gets a boost

Frances Nunziata is a powerhouse. She has been a politician for 25 years, a councillor for 7 terms, and was once the mayor of York. The Toronto Star has made a startling endorsement, then: Fulvio Sansone.

The Star says

Incumbent Frances Nunziata, a veteran of 25 years in local politics, has been uninspiring of late. It is time for her to go. Fulvio Sansone, a staffer in the province’s Family Responsibility Office, deserves a chance to show what he can do.

Pelmo and Pellatt parks getting new play structures

Weston will soon have two new play structures at local parks.  The play equipment at Pelmo and Pellatt Parks has been torn down.  Both areas have been fenced off, and work has been at a standstill for over a week.  But if Grattan Park is any indication, it will not take long to complete once they start installing the equipment.

The play structure at Pelmo Park was made of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated wood (pressure treated wood), which has been known to leach arsenic into the ground. In 2002, the structure was tested for elevated levels of arsenic in the soil and on the surface of the wooden structures.  In 2003, the city recommended that the structure be sealed and the soil be replaced. Parents will now be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their children will have safe equipment to play on.

Over at Pellatt Park, the equipment was old, rusted and rickety.  A new play structure will be much appreciated by those who live in close proximity.

On a side note, plans are underway for the revitalization of W. C. Swanek Park (that play structure is also made of CCA treated wood).  The Pelmo-Swanek Community Association is supposed to be holding a meeting sometime in the near future to present an updated plan.

Ford not in favour of electrification

A recent circular by the Clean Train Coalition had an interesting tidbit: all the mayoral candidates, except one, have signed the “Clean Train Pledge” that calls for electrification of the Georgetown South GO line.

The Clean Train Pledge was devised by the coalition in June. It asks politicians to “call on Premier Dalton McGuinty to direct Metrolinx to electrify the Georgetown Corridor”.

The only mayoral candidate who has not signed the pledge? Rob Ford.

On the one hand, this is not surprising. Ford has been consistently in favour of automobiles, saying “it’s time to stop the war on cars”. He has also called the Transit City plan a “disaster”.

On the other hand, it is quite odd that Ford has not signed the pledge. The train will run through his former riding, Etobicoke North. Frances Nunziata is also one of his biggest boosters. It’s hard to imagine why he wouldn’t be in favour of electrification.

In September, Ford said that he wouldn’t “sign a blank cheque” for electric trains.

Pantalone has been consistently in favour of electrifying the tracks. Smitherman has signed the pledge, but has waffled somewhat, according to Now Magazine. He thinks that diesel trains may be just as clean and that electrification may not be possible before the Pan Am games in 2015.