Holy Christ, I’m mad

Your humble correspondent likes guns. He is not a urban effete liberal who shrinks from the sight of blued steel. (He is an UEL who likes blued steel.) But holy christ some gun owners can drive him nuts. The gulf between common sense and common law needs a 16x 42 scope.

Yeah, that’ll stop ’em.
“Hey, Rocco, put the silver in this handy case too!”

This week, a home on Rosemount Avenue was broken into. The burglars stole a DVD player, an antique table, and two Winchester rifles. Because rifles can be stored in carrying case or with a trigger lock or breech cable, the thieves could simply walk away with them.

Innocent reader, you may now move on. The rest of this article is for the burgled person.

Dear burgled person:

You are well within your rights to own a gun and to store it in your house in the city. It makes you—as you now well know—a target for theft, but it’s your right to be the target of theft.

You are allowed, too, to store your rifles in the most haphazard way. I see that you did that. You may have had them in a fabric sleeve under your bed or in a glass case in your living room. As long as you put a flimsy ‘lock’ on the trigger (no matter that I wouldn’t use it to secure my daughter’s bicycle), you are observing the law.

But, dear burgled, I hope you realize now that you are a vast and incomprehensible idiot. You are a moron of such breathtaking proportions that you should never have been allowed to own a handsaw, let alone a rifle. Exercising your rights has endangered all of us. You may not be a criminal, but you are criminally stupid.

You should never, ever, have a gun in the city. It’s stupid. Don’t tell me otherwise. But, if you insist, for $150, you could have bought a secure locker. For $550 (less than one of your guns) you could have bought a safe. I doubt somehow that the people who steal DVD players would know how to crack a safe. No, you weren’t required by law to store your guns securely, but you were required to by common decency.

$550. From Cabelas. They ship.
$550. From Cabelas. They ship. You fucking idiot.


None other than CTV’s Colin D’Mello was in Memorial Park on Sunday as 12 Division officers hosted a community barbecue. The idea was to hold a meet and greet with the community where people could ask questions about the 25 Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy (TAVIS) officers who will be patrolling the Weston area for the summer. Officers will be on bicycles, horseback and on foot patrol.

Colin D'Mello prepares for his news segment.
Colin D’Mello prepares for his news segment at the TAVIS barbecue.

We can only wish the officers success in their summer mission and hope that they are able to cover more territory by moving around in smaller groups rather than the larger ones deployed a couple of years ago.

Upcoming events

Busy week this week. Get your shoes on.

Mount Dennis Economic Development Workshop Follow up 

Tuesday June 25, 7:00 – 8:30pm

Royal Canadian Legion – Mount Dennis Branch

(1050 Weston Road – 2 blocks south of Eglinton

In response to substantial interest in Transportation planning at the community meeting held on May 29th, Councillor Nunziata will be holding a follow-up discussion with Toronto’s Transportation Services and the TTC\


Mount Dennis Community Association Trains and Vibration presentation

Wednesday June 26, 7:00 – 9:00 

Royal Canadian Legion – Mount Dennis Branch

1050 Weston Road – 2 blocks south of Eglinton

A public meeting with a presentation by GO transit.

This is a very important meeting for Mount Dennis. It is our opportunity to better understand and influence the choices being made to manage the vibration impacts in our neighbourhood.


Canada Day Celebration in Weston Lions Park on July 1st, from 5 pm to 10:30 pm.

This year’s celebration will include:

Performances by Jack Squat, Elvis, Urban Arts Dancers, DJ Domenic, and Danny B Children’s play area with face painting, bouncy castles, a stilt walker, games; Lots of food and drinks;

Community organizations; and A fantastic fireworks display by the City of Toronto


Thursday, July 4th from 7:00 to 9:00pm.

Toronto Art Foundation has completed a study of arts in three Toronto communities – Malvern, St. James Town and Weston Mount Dennis. The launch of the research report and website is being hosted in Weston Mount Dennis by Artists to Artists Foundation at 1 Victoria (at Weston Rd.)



Crime last week

A 34-year-old woman was the victim of an unusual daylight mugging in the area of Jane and MacDonald. The suspect pushed the victim and attempted to grab her gym bag. He couldn’t, and fled. The victim was uninjured.

Last day for summer jobs

Today is the last day to apply for the Hammerheads program sponsored by Metrolinx and the city. The program will set young people up with mentors in the construction trades and give them training in safety and hands-on skills.

To apply, you need to be between 18 and 26, and you need to hustle to an employment service office (the nearest is The Career Foundation at 2100 Lawrence, Suite 100).


Westminster’s last service

I couldn’t bring myself to cover it. I knew I would be too sad, and too mad. Despite my pretensions, I don’t have a reporter’s objectivity. Happily, talented Hilary Caton was there, and she’s done a better job than I ever could of covering the final service of Westminster United.

Under the church’s wooden roof, people of all ages gathered to sing seven traditional hymns and say their own good-byes to a church that has been a staple not just in their community, but in their family history, too.