It’s spring!

It seems to have taken forever and we’ve kept our heavy coats close to hand but spring has arrived after what seemed like the longest winter ever known. This past winter was a travel agent’s dream but now, parks are bursting with people and nature is putting on a show. Here are some photos taken in Lions Park this week.

A family walks through Lions Park.
A family walks through Lions Park.


The soccer field host football practice.
The soccer field hosts football practice.
Tulips are blooming along James Gove’s walls on Little Avenue.

Lastly, while it’s nice to see nature thriving, some well meaning (but ill-informed) resident has scattered potato chips by the Humber presumably to feed the ducks and other birds that hang out there. Luckily there seemed to be no takers for this junk food. Feeding animals in parks is ill-advised. The City of Toronto asks residents not to feed birds in the parks system.

A Canada Goose wisely ignores junk food.


Frontlines summer camp looking for funds

Frontlines, the local youth-sevices agency, is looking for sponsors for its summer camp program. The camp is free for the kids, but it costs $46 to send each young person for a week. More than 250 are expected to attend.

Our goal is to address the whole person – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually – through uplifting programs that encourage our children and youth to choose healthy lifestyles and make decisions that would have a
positive impact on their future.

We are embarking on our campaign for the 2013 summer camp, in which morethan 250 children and youth are expected to converge on Frontlines forseven weeks. They will be engaged in “random acts of kindness” in the community, a reading club, drama and music productions, field trips, and arts and craft, among many other activities.

To contribute to the camp, call Frontlines at (416) 244-7017. You can also donate online.

Sullivan blasts Feds

York South-Weston MP, Mike Sullivan pulled no punches when he announced his private member’s bill in Cruickshank Park today. Normally, building projects that affect the Humber must undergo an environmental assessment. During last year’s federal budget, the government removed this requirement from hundreds of Canadian rivers including all of the Humber and its tributaries, north of Bloor. As previously mentioned in Weston Web, private members’ bills rarely become law because in this case, the majority Conservatives will vote against it. The tactic is commonly used to raise awareness of a concern and this appears to be the goal of Sullivan and his party, the NDP. Sullivan would like protection restored to the Humber which is one of Canada’s heritage rivers. To make his point he even waded into the river in rubber boots. Sullivan believes the reason protection has been removed from the Humber is so that companies will have an easier time when building projects on sensitive land such as the Humber watershed. Enbridge, for example will have an easier time increasing the flow rate in one of their pipelines which travels through the Humber watershed.

Mike Sullivan by the Humber.
Mike Sullivan standing in the Humber.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority board member Mike Mattos talked about pollution entering the river from a variety of sources and the need for more protection not less.  If the pipeline ruptures, as some have in the past, said Mattos, it could take hours before the flow is stopped.

Mary Louise Ashbourne with a map of the Humber Watershed.
Mary Louise Ashbourne with a map of the Humber Watershed.

Mary Louise Ashbourne, President of the Weston Historical Society emphasized the important part that the Humber has played in Canadian history and was of the opinion that while all rivers in Ontario are important, designated Heritage rivers such as the Humber deserve special protection.

Sullivan was handing out petitions supporting his argument that he will take to Parliament. Download a copy here. A YouTube video of the news conference is available here. The transcript of the bill’s introduction by Sullivan is here.

Wanted men arrested

Eric Copeland-Duran, 18, wanted for the attempted kidnapping last week, has been arrested. He has been charged with conspiracy to commit indictable offence, assault, and attempted kidnapping.

Adrian Scott, 18, wanted for an attempted shooting in the Weston area was also arrested and faces many charges:

  • Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm
  • Weapons Dangerous
  • Discharge Firearm – Endanger Life
  • Careless use of a firearm
  • Carry Concealed Weapon

Police continue to search for other suspects in both crimes.

Sullivan to unveil Humber protection bill

The entrance to Cruickshank Park will be the scene of a press conference to be held at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, April 30 by York South-Weston MP Mike Sullivan. He will unveil a bill to enhance ‘environmental protection of the Humber River by amending the Navigable Waters Protection Act‘.

The event will take place at the pedestrian entrance to the park at Weston and Church.

Attempted kidnapping at Lawrence and Weston

Eric Coplin−Duran
Eric Coplin−Duran

On April 27 (after we thought Weston had enjoyed a crime-free week), Police released a couple of crime bulletins requesting the public’s assistance in tracking down a man wanted in connection with an attempted kidnapping on Thursday, April 25 around 1 p.m. near 2079 Lawrence Avenue West. Two men allegedly attempted to force a third into a vehicle, assaulting him in the process. A brave passer-by shouted at the men and the suspects drove off without the victim. Police have identified one of the men as Eric Coplin−Duran, 18 who is considered dangerous. The police report can be found here.

This begs the question of whether the new security cameras provided any information regarding this incident as Weston and Lawrence are quite close by and the car, on the south side of Lawrence, would have therefore travelled east through the intersection. Apart from signs informing people of their presence, no actual cameras can be seen (at least by your correspondent after gamely squinting on several occasions). Perhaps they are so tiny that they aren’t visible. Have readers managed to spot any of the cameras?

A second bulletin released the same day reported an exchange of gunfire in the hallway of 1855 Jane Street. One of the alleged shooters by the name of Adrian Scott is being sought along with a second man.

UrbanArts photography exhibition starts next week

UrbanArts, about whom I can’t say enough good things, will be launching a photography exhibition as part of Youth Arts Week. The exhibition “features photographs by youth from the Weston-Mount Dennis community. In partnership with the Outreach Program at Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, the young artists explore representation and self-expression through photography”

Hoof it down to John Street before May 7.