Police arrest man for firearms, fentanyl other drugs

On December 9, Toronto Police arrested a man at his home near Weston and Lawrence and for the possession of two handguns, crystal methamphetamine, crack cocaine, and fentanyl.

William Pokeda, 44, is alleged to have had

  • Two pistols
  • 786.09 grams of crystal methamphetamine
  • 4.71 grams of crack cocaine
  • 223.15 grams of red fentanyl
  • 94.86 grams of heroin
  • Pistol ammunition

It’s not clear what ‘red fentanyl’ is—I’m certainly not an expert, but uncut fentanyl appears to typically be white.

Pokeda has been charged with possession of drugs, possession of the proceeds of crime, possession of prohibited weapons, and failing to comply with probation, among other things.

New (temporary) disc golf course!

There’s a new (and, alas, temporary) disc golf course at Scarlett Woods.

If you haven’t played disc golf before, it’s a ton of fun (and COVID friendly). The idea is to toss a Frisbee1 into an upright basket, much like you would tap a golf ball into a cup.

From Wikimedia

Like golf, it looks easy and is anything but. Unlike golf, it’s pretty cheap—you can play with a $10 Whammo, or splurge on a $50 set of specialized discs. There are no green fees, though.

The course will be disassembled in the spring.

1 Yes, yes, I know DG purists that Frisbee is a trademark.

Planning meeting for 38-storey building to be held December 7

The city will be hosting a meeting for the a proposed building at 1821–1831 Weston Road. If approved, the building would be, I believe, the tallest in Weston, at 38 storeys. It will have 446 rental homes.

Image from the application.

The first application was panned by staff, who said the building was too large, too close to the property lines, not in accordance with the development plan for Weston, had too little parking, could lead to dangerous wind levels, would cast long shadows, and more.

The developers have revised their plan. The good: it has a smaller footprint (though still larger than allowed) and a larger setback from the property lines. The bad: it’s even taller—38 storeys instead of 34. The building has also been redesigned with better access and frontages.

The meeting will be online, over WebEx. It will start at 7 pm.

Update: The developers have not determined whether they will be rental homes or condos.

Q&A with Mayor Tory and Dr. de Villa

Frances Nunziata will be hosting an online question-and-answer session with Mayor Tory and Toronto’s medical officer of health, Dr Eileen de Villa. All residents are welcome to attend and ask questions about the COVID pandemic.

The meeting will be December 14 between 7-8 PM on WebEx. You can also call in, at (416) 915-6530. The password is available here, as is the meeting code.

Councillor Nunziata is encouraging people to send questions in advance.

Weston has had a COVID infection rate among the highest in the city.