Jilian Saweczko: misled or missing?

Jilian Saweczko said in an email that she did not attend the all-candidates debate last night because she “Was notified that the debate was postpone [sic] to a future date.”

Saweczko showed yesterday, however, that she knew with certainty both where and when the debate would be. She said in a Tweet that she was going to be there.

I have emailed her campaign office for a response. I will post more details if I find them out.




“Ask about democracy”: Jilian Saweczko did not attend debate

Jilian Saweczko, the Conservative candidate for our ward, did not attend the only all candidates debate in York South–Weston, which was held tonight.

The start of the debate was delayed in the hopes that Saweczko would arrive. Organizers kept an empty chair for her throughout the night.

At the end of the debate, the moderator said “If I could just clarify one thing… we did actually send three, or four? … five invitations to [Jilian Saweczko]; we got a reply from the campaign manager saying she would be here. Her website is Jilian.ca. If you would like to send a question or a comment, be my guest. Ask about democracy.”

Another mugging at Jane and Lawrence

Another young man has been mugged  at the corner of Jane and Lawrence.

Toronto Police report that a 15-year old was approached by four young men on April 11 at 2:45 pm. One stole his Blackberry while the others stood watch. The suspects fled south on Jane. The victim was uninjured.

A similar swarming at the same location happened on March 22. The four suspects in that case match the very vague descriptions of the four men in this case.

Jane and Lawrence is becoming a high-crime area. Since February, there have been at least six reported muggings and purse-snatchings at that intersection.

Weston Village: A Story of the Neighbourhood

The Weston Historical Society would like you to know that

Mary Louise Ashbourne and Cherri Hurst from the Weston Historical Society will conduct a lively talk on the history of Weston accompanied by a slide show.

The talk will be on Thursday, Apr 28, 2011 from 7:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. at the Weston Public Library. If you have any questions, call (416) 394-1016.

Weston King Neighbourhood Centre looking for volunteers

The Weston King Neighbourhood drop in centre is looking for a few good women and men to help out.

The WKNC is in the United Church on the corner of King St and Weston Rd. It has been serving community members in need since 1995, and needs some new volunteers to will help community members in need.

According to Myriam Canas-Mendes, volunteers are needed

  • In the kitchen and laundry,
  • To do maintenance and cleaning
  • To help with organizing and cleaning the clothing room
  • To unload the food truck twice weekly


The WKNC is open from 10–2 on Monday, 3–7 on Tuesday,  10–2 (to women only) on Thursday, and 10–2 on Friday. Saturdays and holidays they are open from 10–1.

Volunteers will be guaranteed good karma, barbeques and back-rubs from WestonWeb writers, and the chance to make contacts and a difference in the community.