Shooting on Weston Road, police seeking help

A man was shot on Monday outside 2255 Weston Rd, near the corner of Coulter and Weston.

Two men were involved in an altercation in the parking lot beside a silver or grey Audi, according to police. The driver of the Audi shot the other man in the arm and fled in the car. The Audi crashed into a purple or maroon Dodge Caravan before heading north on Weston Road.

Police closed Weston Rd for several hours on Monday night while they investigated the scene. They are now trying to find both cars. The Audi has damage to the front right corner and the Dodge has damage to the rear right corner. Police are asking for the public’s help.

2255 Weston Rd

With thanks to M. Lennon for reporting.

Artificial turf field being built in Lions Park

Weston is getting an artificial-turf soccer field in Lions Park. The money is coming from the three levels of government as part of the Recreational Infrastructure stimulus plan.

The project will cost $2 million, split equally between the province, the city, and the feds. It is, by far, the largest stimulus project in Weston. The field is also among the top ten most-expensive recreational projects in the city.

According to Jennifer Cicchelli, executive assistant to Frances Nunziata, “they are converting the soccer field to artificial turf… They will also be improving the lighting on the sports field.”

Cicchelli says that the project will be completed by October.

Al-Baraka Variety Store gets a yellow card

When I go out for food in Weston, I’m never sure whether I’m going to get an undiscovered gem, or undiscovered phlegm.

Al-Baraka Variety was given a conditional pass on July 20 for failing to provide for employee hygiene, improper sanitation of food surfaces, and failing to clean the bathroom.

The variety store was given a green card in a follow-up inspection on July 22.

Al Barak 1880 Weston

Documentary about Weston back for a local run

Weston Public, a documentary installation by Sarah Sharkey Pearce and Mariangela Piccione, has made it home. The multimedia exhibit about Weston and Mount Dennis will be showing, appropriately, at 1030 Weston Rd, where it intersects Dennis Ave.

The show will be open from 1 pm till 6 pm on weekdays, and from 12 until 7 on the weekend. The run will only be one week long.

Weston Public

Farmers’ Market on the rebound

Business is improving at the Weston Farmers’ Market. The season had started slowly, but there were crowds today.

Betsy Liscio from Grandpa Ken’s sandwiches said that the numbers are still down from last year, but “Today is a good day… and there are lots of days left. Sometimes it just takes time to get people out.”

There were two big pushes to get people out this week. The market advertised in the Guardian newspaper and distributed flyers to residents. For a promotion, the market was offering  free samples of fresh-cooked Ontario corn.

The promotion certainly worked. The largest crowd was around the corn guy. He said “It was a so-so start [this year], but now it’s blooming. Now everyone’s coming out.”

‘The Hub’ nearing completion

The paint is drying on a new community centre in Weston.

The long-empty Food Basics at 1541 Jane, near Trethewey, will soon be home to “The Hub”, a satellite office of York Community Services (YCS).

YCS provides “primary health care, legal services, counseling, case management, housing assistance, and community support”. YCS is partnering with five other charitable groups in the 20,000 square foot facility. Together, they will also give counselling, help with parenting and employment, and settlement services. There will also be a community kitchen and available meeting rooms.

The facility was to have opened as long ago as 2008, but final preparations now appear to be coming together.

According to Alan Tonks, YCS is looking for community members to sit on its advisory panel.

Blue22 trains will be new, cleaner, and publicly owned

Metrolinx has broken up with SNC Lavalin, and will now run new, tier 4, diesel-electric trains on the route to the airport.

Metrolinx announced today that the Union-Pearson link will not be operated by its long-time private partner, SNC Lavalin. Instead, it will be entirely run by Metrolinx, a public agency. Until now, the train to the airport was supposed to have been a public-private partnership, and the partnership had been quite controversial. The proposed one-way fare was $20, much higher than public transit fares, and SNC was going to use 50-year old, refurbished diesel trains.

Now all that will change.

Rob Prichard, the Metrolinx Chairman said

We’ll use new, tier 4 convertible locomotives. They could be converted to electric if at sometime the province decides to convert the Georgetown corridor to an electric service. We’ll build the infrastructure and acquire the vehicles to accommodate electrification, if that is to come at some future date.

The deal with SNC Lavalin did not collapse from public pressure, however. Both Metrolinx and SNC blamed the credit market. The Sun says, though, that SNC could not get the government or its lenders to shoulder enough risk, should the trains be unprofitable.

Steve Munro, a transit pundit, is optimistic about the change:

This long-overdue change in the [air rail link] scheme should bring the project into public view where all aspects of its design, financing and operation will be subject to the same scrutiny and openness as other Metrolinx projects.  Issues such as service levels, equipment provisioning and, most importantly, electrification will no longer hide behind the veil of “commercial confidentiality”.