Police announce traffic blitz

The police of 31 Division will be starting a safety campaign next week. From the 8th to the 14th, police will be nabbing motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians who pull bone-headed moves at crosswalks and stop signs.

In the blitzes, police often issue a disproportionate number of tickets to jaywalkers and bicyclists; readers may be forewarned.

Residents, though, certainly know that drivers generally treat Weston’s stop signs as merely cautionary, while parks and school zones are distractions for Bluetooth lobotomites.

Frances under fire

Frances Nunziata is accused of discriminating against and harassing a former employee and is defending herself before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, according to local newspapers.

Nunziata’s accuser, George Berger, has a bone condition that causes him discomfort. Nunziata is accused of ridiculing him when he stood up in a meeting and when he bought a wireless mouse to relieve his pain, and of yelling at him when he wouldn’t divulge a password.

Berger is suing the city and Nunziata for $170,000 and an apology. Nunziata denies the accusations and says that Berger “would always be very intimidating. He treated me like I didn’t know what I was talking about,” the Toronto Sun reports.

Other reports: The Star, The Globe and Mail.

Nightmare on Elm St

Hallowe’en night is always fun in Weston, but this year it was fantastic. Queens Dr was the place to be—there were kilos of candy, a mischief of monsters, and a zeal of zombies. They had come from all over the city; the street was almost impassable with parked cars and kids. Coming out of my house at the corner of King, I overheard a kid say “This street sucks compared to Queens.” And he was right.

While many of the houses on Queens brought gasps of horror, only one brought gasps of astonishment. It had a lawn full of pumpkins—a hundred or so, each lit and carved beautifully.

Farmers’ market finishes

Weston’s fabulous farmers’ market has finished another season.

The season started slowly, with cold, wet days and unusually small crowds. It ended well, though; all the vendors I spoke to planned to come back next year.

The corn guy said that he wasn’t taking a break. As soon as he gets home, he’s tilling the land and bringing in 75 dump trucks of compost. Next year he’ll be back, with plans for a petting zoo and community trips to his farm.

The Pie Man from Pie Land (which, as far as I can tell, is actually run by two women) will be moving to the Downsview Market. (And, if you haven’t been, you must. It’s a cornucopia of cool crap and full of fantastic food.)

The sausage lady, though, said with relief that she’d just be taking a break and sleeping in.

Masum Hossain, the chair of the Weston BIA, and Frances Nunziata took a few moments to thank customers and talk about plans for the future. Nunziata commented on the cold weather and said that she is trying to have the market moved inside some time in future.

Put your money where your mouth is?

Dear reader, I need you. Would you support this enterprise of mine? Would you give me $25?

In the survey, readers said they would like a local student to write for WestonWeb.

So now, dear reader, please help me pay for one. I would like to pay $20 per post, and I would like to have 6 months worth of posts saved up for in advance, so I don’t have to lay someone off–I don’t have the heart. That means I would like to raise a total of $520.

One very kind reader has already donated $50. I’ll put in another $50. That leaves $420. That sounds like a lot. But, I have faith.

Every month, WestonWeb gets about 2000 visits (not bad!). Of those, let’s say 10% are regular readers: 200. Of those, perhaps 10% can afford a small donation. That leaves 20.

I think.

So, if you’re one of those 20 good women and men, would you give me $25?

Here’s what I will offer in return:

  • I will use your money to hire a student. I won’t use it for anything else. The ongoing expenses for this site are my problem, and mine alone.
  • If you would like your name or initials to appear beside one of the student’s posts, for each $25 you put in, I’ll put a byline saying something like: “This post was sponsored by so-and-so.” Or perhaps you would like “This post goes out to…”. Or whatever. (But you have to be a you not an it. No corporations allowed.)

I know you’ll have to trust me to not abscond with your money. What can I do but promise that I won’t? I’ve put my name and reputation on the site. My address is below.

If you’re in:
I’ll also accept cheques  to
Adam Norman
115 King St,
Weston, ON M9N1L6
PS. If we don’t raise all the money, I’ll support a student for as long as we can.

The people have spoken

The results are in. My readers are overwhelmingly in favour of hiring a local student to write for WestonWeb.

But how much to pay? Many people thought that I should get a volunteer or intern. I’m flattered, but I honestly don’t think I have much to teach. Interns and volunteers need practical or moral instruction. I’m not professionally qualified for the former, and I’m manifestly unqualified for the latter.

So, I shall pay. The starting wage will be $20 a post, a reasonable wage according to most of you.

Raising the money is the most difficult thing of all. Raising it by donation was the most popular response. Advertising was the second. As your humble servant, I shall heed your advice, and start with a plea for, well, your money. About which more anon.

Is hiring a student a good idea?
How should I pay for it
How much should I pay?

Metrolinx is feeling the heat

Metrolinx’s callous treatment of some Weston residents has caught the attention of the major media. All the Toronto daily newspapers and most local TV stations have had stories on GO’s rapidly changing plans. Herewith, some highlights:

Metrolinx dropped a heartless legal letter in a Toronto man’s mailbox this week advising him he must leave his home — the place where he tended his dying wife — to make way for the new GO Transit/airport rail link. The letter says that its purpose “is to notify you that GO Transit has identified your property as one that will be impacted by the construction of the Weston Tunnel and will need to be acquired. A member of our real estate team will be contacting you shortly to discuss the property acquisition process and to review the details and next steps.” (The Sun)

The Ontario government is [now] trying to calm the fears of homeowners in northwest Toronto who received [the] letters…. Metrolinx project director Stephen Lipkus said Thursday that in hindsight, the letters should have been written differently. (CBC)

Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne tried Thursday to reassure Toronto residents who fear their homes will be expropriated to build a railway link to Pearson International Airport…. Ms. Wynne acknowledged that some residents in the area — near Weston Road south of Highway 401 — will be forced to leave. But others will have the option of staying while the planned rail tunnel is being built under their homes, she said. (G&M)

A public meeting meant to bring together Weston homeowners and Metrolinx officials quickly went sour Thursday night. (City)

Even Toronto Life got in on the pile-on. Apparently, Metrolinx bashing is big for fall.