Another break in on Queens Dr

A reader says there has been another burglary on Queens Dr.

The break-in happened in the day while the residents were at work, on January 21st. The burglars broke the window in the back door, and unlocked it. They stole valuables and jewelry, and searched the home “from top to bottom”.

The last break-in I have heard about on Queens happened in November, and the burglary was similar. It is hard to know for certain, however, how many burglaries have happened in Weston, because the police are no longer providing the information. I have emailed 31 division about the lack of data and have received no explanation.

An MRI Machine For HRRH Church Street Site

Humber River Regional Hospital‘s Church Street site will be getting a new MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine later this year. The machine will operate for 40 hours a week and presumably will operate for longer hours if the need increases. The existing machine operates 24/7 and performs 7900 scans annually at the Finch site while the new machine will perform about 3100 and save Weston residents from travelling to the Finch site. It is assumed that the machine will move to the new 1.6 million square foot site at Keele and the 401 in 2015.

This being a provincial election year, no doubt there will be similar announcements coming from other provincial ministries. The press release for this announcement helpfully contains boilerplate quotes from prominent area Liberal MPPs, the Minister of Health and health care executives.

Ward Broome building to be demolished

The Ward Broome building at 2431 Weston Rd will almost certainly be demolished. In Community Council yesterday, the recommendation of city staff was approved.

The Broome building was spared once before. An application to demolish it went all the way to City Council before it was pulled back for a second thought. The Weston Historical Society was given a chance to have a peek inside and see if the building was worth saving.

The Society found a few things of interest, which they will have the chance to preserve. The Historical Society will also be notified in the future if another building is threatened with demolition.

Metrolinx wants electric trains

Metrolinx released its electrification report, and it’s a bit of a stunner. The agency that oversees regional transit wants, after years of equivocation, obfuscation, prevarication and consultation, to do what advocates recommended from the start: use electric trains.

The report recommends electrifying the “GO Georgetown and Lakeshore corridors in phases, beginning with the [Air Rail Link] on the Georgetown corridor.”

The study says that there electrification would have few environmental or health benefits. Instead, it recommends electrifying because electric trains are cheaper and faster: On long journeys, “Time savings would be between 5 and 10 minutes per trip”, and the system could save $18 million per year.

Electrification isn’t cheap, though. It will cost about $1.7 billion. And electric trains won’t start rolling any time soon; even if the province were to give the go-ahead today, the first electric Georgetown train wouldn’t roll until sometime around 2020. The project will take 14 years to complete. The Star says that the ARL may start a little earlier, in 2018.

But before anything happens, the province will have to approve the plan. With an election looming, your representatives at Queen’s Park may be a little more receptive, and generous, than usual.

Another tunnel planning meeting

GO Transit has announced another meeting to plan the tunnel through Weston. The meeting will be next Wednesday, January 26 between 6:30 and 8:30 pm at York West Active Living Centre, 1901 Weston Road (corner of Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue West).

The project is now in the design phase, where, according to GO, feedback is more focused and generally limited to aesthetic and design elements”.  There will be two more such meetings before the deadline in June. The actual construction should be complete by 2014.

Interested community members can throw their hats in the ring here.

Traffic changes in Weston

Etobicoke York Community Council today approved a lower speed limit on Vimy Ave and eliminated stopping on Uphill Ave.

Vimy Ave was the only street in Weston to have a 50 km/h limit, though very few cars actually reached that speed, according to a city survey. The speed limit will now be dropped to 40, harmonized with the rest of the roads in town.

Uphill Ave had been used for hospital parking, even though no parking was allowed. Residents complained that cars with disabled permits were being parked, legally, but for long periods of time. The “No Parking” signs, which, apparently, do not apply to cars with disabled permits, will be changed to “No Standing” signs, which should put an end to the practice–or move it one street over.