Events this week

Ongoing:  January 26-31, 2012 – Artists to Artists Foundation presents Nature’s Best

From Thursday, January 26th until Tuesday, January 31st, 2012, an art exhibition entitled ‘Nature’s Best’, featuring the work of local photographer Gillian Zidner will be taking place at 1800 Weston Road. Over 30 pieces of Gillian’s work will be on display, snapshots of the body of her work that embraces the beauty of nature.  He exhibit runs weekdays 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm and on the weekend 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm.


Weston Station Master Plan Workshop York West Active Living Centre , 1901 Weston Road, 6:00pm-8:30pm,

Metrolinx will host the second in a series of public workshops to seek input on a number of initial design concepts for the Weston Station Master Plan. This plan is looking at the medium- and long-term development for the station site located at Weston Road and Lawrence Avenue West. This meeting will build on the first workshop held in October. Please contact Mark at 416-241-2300 or [email protected] to RSVP and if you have any questions about the Weston Station Master Plan process.


Mike Sullivan, MP York South Weston presents a Community Town Hall Meeting. Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 7 pm York Civic Centre Council Chambers 2700 Eglinton Avenue West

Please join me in a discussion about recent initiatives on gun control (the long-gun registry) and crime (the Omnibus Crime Bill). For more information please visit my Constituency Office at 36 South Station Street (in Weston), or call 416 656-2526.

Guest Speakers Include:

  • Abby Deshman, Director, Public Safety Program from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association
  • Michelle Coombs, Executive Director of Elizabeth Fry Toronto
  • Greg Rogers, Executive Director of the John Howard Society.


Lousy week for crime in Weston

Three more 14-year-old boys were mugged this week in the area of Queens and Jane. Like the boys mugged on Friday, they were robbed at around 3 in the afternoon. This time there were two muggers, however.

The boys’ phones were taken, and they were not seriously injured.

A 50 year-old woman answered a knock at the door of her home in the area of Wright and Gibson at around midnight of January 24. Four men wearing disguises and armed with handguns broke in, attacked the victim, and tied her up. They stole a laptop, an iPod, cash and jewellery.

The suspects fled, and the victim was taken to hospital for her injuries. Police are looking for four men around 30 years old.



Short shrift for back yard chickens

After a groundswell of popular opinion, progressive cities like New York, Vancouver BC, Kingston ON; Brampton, ON; Guelph; ON; and Niagara Falls, ON; now allow people to raise chickens in their back yards. Provisions are made so that there are standards of space, noise and cleanliness, smell etc. Similarly, here in Toronto, a popular movement has arisen with the same goal in mind.
The matter went to council in December and council, recognizing a growing interest, asked the city’s Licensing and Standards Committee to investigate the feasibility of allowing the practice.

The movement came to a screeching halt today at today’s Licensing and Standards meeting where members basically sent the idea to the place where motions go to die; i.e. the matter was deferred indefinitely. Notable among the objectors were our own councillor Frances Nunziata who was quoted as saying, ‘If you want chicken, go to Swiss Chalet’. Gloria Lindsay Luby came out with the catchy phrase, ‘Not in my back yard’.

Apparently not in anyone else’s either.

Police Accuse Lounge Owner of Bribery

1709 Jane Street.

The owner of  De Blue Note Lounge at 1709 Jane Street has been charged with three counts of bribery and one count of attempting to obstruct justice. The charges came after police investigated complaints of booze can activities on the premises. Richard Nkabu is alleged to have paid $500 to a police officer in the hopes that the police would ignore the complaints.

Two groups of boys mugged by group of three men

Two groups of 14-year-old boys were mugged by the same group of three men last Friday.

The three muggers, described as in their 20s, approached the first pair of boys near the intersection of Queens and Jane. One was wearing a disguise. The suspects pushed the boys around and stole a cell phone and pair of headphones.

Fifteen minutes later, at around 3:30, they struck again a little farther east, at  Queens and Upwood. The muggers approached a pair of 14-year-old boys and stole a cell phone and an iPod.



Events this week

The photography of Gillian Zidner will be shown from from January 26th to the 31st. The exhibit will be at 1802 Weston Rd.

Zidner has been exhibited in Weston before; this time, however, more than 30 of her pieces will be displayed.

Nunziata explains her decision to vote for cuts

Frances Nunziata explained her decision to vote for service cuts in her email circular. The relevant section is below;

In the weeks leading up to City Council, I heard from many constituents in my Ward. I considered each email and telephone call that I received, and please rest assured that I looked to Ward 11 first and foremost throughout the budget process to ensure our residents would continue to have access to services important to us. I understand that the Toronto Public Library is a particularly important service for residents in the Ward and I took action to ensure that the Weston and Mount Dennis Libraries would continue to provide high levels of service, despite reports of low circulation in these branches.

I approached the Budget and the issue of program funding from a long-term perspective. The previous administration spent $700 million on streetcars – money which the City did not have to spend. The $154 million surplus was slated to be used to pay for this purchase, which was to be paid by debt. Deducting money from this surplus means that it will take longer to pay down this debt – and more money will have to be spent on debt servicing next year. Debt is a burden on all Torontonians that must be taken into account in a fiscally responsible budget. Ultimately, the funding that was restored to services will have to be reconsidered during the next budget cycle in order to finance the current debt.

The City is spending less this year on operating costs, $9.358 billion compared to $9.407 billion in 2011. The 2012 Budget has reduced the City’s reliance on one time revenue to cover costs from $346 million to $102 million. This Budget puts Toronto on a better fiscal path for future budgets; unfortunately, we will still be having some of the same discussions next year because the 2013 Budget pressure, with the amendments that were made at Council, is now $200 million.

The decision I made to vote against the additional expenditures that passed at Council was not an easy one and was not something I took lightly. That being said, I believe that it was the responsible choice to make for the future of the City and the provision of essential services in Ward 11.


Frances Nunziata