When the usurious become penurious

My esteemed colleague Roy says that “Weston Village could be a showcase of how to do retail but currently it’s a showcase of how not to do it”, and, to be sure, we remain startlingly coffee and cupcake free. But call me naive, or call me hopeful: I see the green shoots of regeneration in Weston. … Continue reading “When the usurious become penurious”

New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

There is a saying that ‘All politics is local‘. Here in Weston, we are blessed with politicians and three levels of government that don’t neglect to tax us in various ways yet seemingly invest little in our neighbourhood. This is my personal list for our politicians and even for the citizens of Weston. Readers are encouraged to … Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions for 2015”

Empty buildings plague Weston.

If there’s one thing that isn’t in short supply in the Weston and Lawrence area it’s empty buildings. Residents who have lived in Weston for many years think back nostalgically to the days when Weston had a bustling ‘downtown’ with supermarkets, jewellers, tailors and so on. Nowadays it seems as if there is little else … Continue reading “Empty buildings plague Weston.”

Metrolinx – Station Plan Looking Good

The third Weston Station Master Plan meeting last night seemed well attended until the non-civilians were asked to stand up. Perhaps 25 citizens not on a related payroll (city, TTC, Metrolinx, politicians…) had bothered to come out (in fairness, during the last game of the Stanley Cup) and listen to the latest Weston Station news … Continue reading “Metrolinx – Station Plan Looking Good”

An Idea For Weston?

Our MP, Mike Sullivan recently referred in Parliament to the payday loan companies that seem to predominate here in Weston. We do seem to have more than our fair share. Weston also has a few empty storefronts and large properties that seemingly nobody wants to lease. The new Weston station will not be in full … Continue reading “An Idea For Weston?”

Airport Link and All Day GO – Implications for Weston Residents

The mainstream press rediscovers the Airport Link every so often and now is no exception. For some reason, the line is back in the consciousness of the media. It’s probably a good time to look at some of the issues and implications for Weston. Firstly, we have to thank the good people at Weston Community … Continue reading “Airport Link and All Day GO – Implications for Weston Residents”

Politicians, What Have You Done For Weston Lately?

Weston has had a raw deal in the past few decades. Our ‘village’ has lost nearly all of its industry, historic properties have been demolished to make way for unattractive developments, and the area has become depressed. The once attractive main street has been infiltrated by payday loan/cheque cashing companies, dollar stores, and other detritus … Continue reading “Politicians, What Have You Done For Weston Lately?”