Big weekend in Weston

Put your running shoes on: you’ll want to cover a lot of ground in Weston this weekend.

Peter’s Barbershop—the one with the Maple Leafs—will be bringing the Stanley Cup in to celebrate the business’ 50th anniversary. That’s the nearest a Stanley Cup will have been to a Maple Leaf in almost as much time.

The Best of Weston festival is also on this weekend. There will be booths and bouncy castles, and all sorts of other festival-y stuff.

Saturday will be a bit of a melancholy day, though, as it will be the last weekend of the Farmers’ Market for 2011. This will be your last chance to pick up a pumpkin before Halloween.


Weston Library to be a hold centre for Mount Dennis branch

Toronto Public Library’s Mount Dennis branch will be closed for over a year beginning on Saturday, October 29th. This is to allow for extensive renovations. During that time, Mount Dennis patrons are asked to pick up their holds at the Weston branch on King Street. This will no doubt mean a busier library and an even tougher time to find a parking spot for regular Weston patrons as many people will come by car.

Would it be too much to expect that Weston branch hours will not be reduced? Perhaps there is even a case for expanding hours while Mount Dennis is closed.

UrbanArts still accepting students

UrbanArts is still taking students for their after-school programs. If you have an interested young person between 11 and 17, UrbanArts will shape them into a quintuple threat; they offer music, spoken word, dance, play-based learning and graphic design classes from 3:30 to 5:30 every weekday.

On Saturdays from 2:00 to 5:00, Devon Haughton will be offering a workshop on the craft and business of play writing to students aged 16 to 25.

UrbanArts on John St. To register or for more information, call (416) 241-5124 or email [email protected]

Construction this weekend

GO Transit would like you to know that there will be intensive construction this weekend around Weston and Lawrence. GO will be building to pedestrian tunnels under the tracks so that future users will be able to get to the new station.

Excavators, cranes, dozers and trucks will be working day and night through the weekend. Residents can expect extra noise and truck traffic around the site just south of Lawrence.

If you have any questions, call Mark at (416) 241-2300.

Toronto Parks needs your input

Lions Park, looking north towards the tennis courts.

Toronto Parks is creating a five-year plan and would like input from members of the public. Citizens are encouraged to attend one of four meetings held throughout the city or to fill in a 15-minute online survey.

In the meantime, if there are specific park issues, 311 is the number to call.

Politics makes strange bedfellows

Mike Sullivan, our MP, is being lobbied by some mighty odd organizations.

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority paid him a visit. The GTAA lobbies for, among other things, policies “with respect to airport development in [the] Greater Toronto Area” and “regarding Toronto Pearson’s role as a mobility hub.”

CP Rail and Sullivan also had a sit-down. CP wants money from the Feds for “environmentally friendly locomotives”.

Mike Sullivan, of course, has long opposed the Air Rail Link that will serve Pearson Airport. The ARL use diesel trains, at least for a few years.

Bad month for businesses in Weston

Over the past few weeks, three establishments in Weston have shut or moved on.

Artcube, the weird gallery at St Phillips and Weston Rd, has closed. Donnie Kim, the proprietor, says that he has changed focus to Asian antiques and art, and is looking to either sell the building or turn it into shared studio space.

Furniture Toronto, on Oak St near the Superstore, has also closed. Shockingly, the snooty proprietors had  a hard time selling high-end Italian furniture with bad service.

Finally, the Canada Post depot on Weston Road has moved to 66 Ray Avenue, at Weston and Jane, as part of a consolidation. Eugene, the nice PR person I spoke to, did not know what would become of the building. Earlier this year, Artscape floated the idea that it might become a community arts hub.