The Hub’s summer barbeque on Wednesday

The Jane Street Hub will have a summer barbeque on Wednesday.

The Hub is a wonderful social service centre that has served Weston since late last year. It is a multi-million dollar venture that brings many health, welfare, and settlement groups under one roof.

The barbeque will start at 4 pm, and will be at 1541 Jane St.  Hotdogs and hamburgers will be free.

Local thug rearrested

Akiel Eubank, a local thug who was acquitted of the murder of a child last year, has been rearrested for dealing crack cocaine. He allegedly sold it to an undercover cop.

Eubank, 24, was found not guilty of the murder of Ephraim Brown, 11, who was killed in a shootout in the Jane Finch neighbourhood. Eubank has previously been arrested for beating and stabbing a man at the defunct Mario Bros bar at Weston and Lawrence, for assaulting a police officer, and for “numerous violent, drug and property crime offences … assault, theft, uttering threats and a weapons-related charge.”

Eubank has now been charged with “trafficking cocaine, possessing the proceeds of crime, possessing crack for the purpose of trafficking and possessing marijuana.” The gang he was a member of, the “Five Point Generalz” has been broken up, according to police.

Book signing tomorrow

John A McKenty, the author of Canada Cycle & Motor: The CCM Story, will be having a book signing tomorrow at 2 pm at Frontlines, at 1844 Weston Rd.

His book chronicles the rise and fall of one of Weston’s—and Canada’s—great businesses. CCM made bicycles in Weston from 1917 until 1983; the factory was where the Tim Horton’s on Lawrence stands now.

Canada Cycle & Motor: The CCM Story is a 350-page book told from the grassroots, with 150 illustrations, photographs, and vintage ads.

A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to Bicycles for Humanity, an organization that sends bikes to Namibia and Malawi.


Frances Nunziata debunks library group’s allegations

Frances Nunziata left a voicemail for me about the “Our Public Libraries” group. She says that the group is spreading “misinformation” and that “privatizing the libraries is not even on the table”.

She is in an excellent position to know; Nunziata is a close ally of Rob Ford. The KPMG report does not, as far as your humble correspondent can discern, discuss privatizing the library system, only reducing and consolidating service.


Library protection group formed

As Toronto considers its options to deal with a budget shortfall, a group has formed to protect Toronto’s public libraries. Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother, quipped that his riding has more libraries than Tim Horton’s (as if that were a bad thing), and a consultant’s report said today that money could be saved by shortening hours, consolidating resources, and closing branches.

Several readers have sent along a link to the group opposing these changes.

Weston’s Public Library is a fixture of the community, and has been for  180 years. It was first formed in 1830, and became a public library in 1885. Weston seems to have had one of the first public libraries in Toronto. It has been at its current location at the corner of King and Weston Rd since 1915.



A short-lived respite from muggings

After twenty quiet days and three arrests, another mugging took place at Jane and Lawrence. Toronto Police report a familiar story: two young people (a man and a woman, in this case) were surrounded by a pack of young men who stole their cellphones and money. The victims were uninjured.

Police are seeking five young men, all between 16 and 19, one of whom is very short—about 4’10”.