Nunziata nominated to Speaker

As expected, Rob Ford nominated Frances Nunziata, our recently-reelected councillor, to Council Speaker.

The Speaker presides over City Council meetings; it is a position Nunziata has had her eye on since at least September.

Her nomination must still be confirmed in a council vote, but no real newspapers seem to think that there’s any chance she will be rejected.

Police make arrests in local break ins

Today 12 Division police issued a warning about burglaries at the same time as they announced arrests.

Their email admits that there has recently been an increase in neighbourhood break-ins. The burglars had been breaking a window in the back door in order to reach in and unlock it.

According to police, vigilant community members tipped off police and “a number of arrests have been made”. Still, they warn residents to secure their homes, report suspicious activity, and remain vigilant.

New Christmas store on King St

A new store has opened up in Weston. The aptly-named Locally Crafted Holiday Gift Store is beside Olympic Variety on the corner of King and Elm.

Reanna Niceforo opened her store on Sunday, and it will remain open until Christmas Eve. She is selling her handmade jewelry and art.

“I have been making jewelry for about seven years now, but this is the first time I’ve taken over a store”, Niceforo said.

She says she’s not the only quiet artist in town; many others are around, waiting for another opportunity to showcase their work. Niceforo suggested that another Art in the Park event would be a great way to bring them out—the last one, she says, was several years ago.

Santa brings the hype to Weston

Santa paid his 31st early visit to Weston yesterday, and the village threw a parade on his behalf.

Thousands of children lined Weston Rd in the afternoon to get stuffed on candy cane and catch a glimpse of the old man himself. And while nobody could hold a shiny nose to the man in red, the parade featured many of Weston’s illustrious cast of characters: the kids were thrilled by Indian Elvis, Miss Canada, the Screaming Shriners on their miniature motorbikes, and the city’s most spectacularly out-of-tune Air Cadet band. Even Rob Ford put in an appearance—the first mayor to ever do so, according to Frances Nunziata.

According to insiders, Santa will be back later this month, if the children of the city are generally nice. A very small, pointy-eared tipster who would not be named said “Looking good, so far. Tell Evie to lay off the late nights and Joshua to kiss his mom more. Just sayin’.”

FIFA Standards Come To Weston Lions Park

Panoramic view looking south.

Thanks to two million dollars’ worth of Federal Government infrastructure funds, Weston can now boast of a FIFA standard soccer field in Lions Park. It’s almost complete – there just remains some upgraded lighting and proper fencing to keep stray soccer and baseballs away from each other. Oh and yes, goal posts will be coming too.

View from the north-east corner.

The pitch is pool-table level. Bulldozers worked for weeks scraping, compressing and flattening the ground. As for the playing surface, gone are the days of hard bristly artificial turf when players would risk abrasions and burns whenever they slid along the ground. This new material is very soft with a layer of shredded rubber between the fibres.

Soft fibres interspersed with rubber make falling more pleasant and safer.

Lastly, you have to get down onto the surface to appreciate how soft and dry it is. The drainage is phenomenal. I was able to kneel without getting wet.

Players are looking forward  to the opening of this world-class facility in spring.

UrbanArts announces Winter Expo

UrbanArts has announced the dates for their annual Winter Expo. It will be held on Thursday, December 9, from 6 – 9 pm at George Harvey CI,  and will feature performances from local artists.

UrbanArts is a Weston arts group that offers programs to local youth. They have after-school and summer programs, and produce exhibits and performances several times a year.

The Winter Expo is a spin-off from the After School Arts Program (ASAP), which is for young people from 11 – 18. ASAP runs five days a week from 3:30 until 5:30 and gives instruction in visual arts, music, drama, dance, and improvisation.

The event will be hosted by Baby-G from CHRY radio and Weston CI’s student president, Devante Burey.

12 Division to expand.

As readers may know, Toronto is divided up into police jurisdictions called divisions. These divisions are numbered (rather than named) in a way that seems rather counter-intuitive—but that’s another story. There is a proposal to change the boundary of 12 Division so that Weston will be contained entirely in this division rather than split between 12 and 31 Divisions.

The northern border of 12 Division will move north from its current location of Lawrence up to Highway 401. According to, Scott Gilbert, project overseer, is confident that the proposed change will be implemented. If this is the case, we can only hope it will lead to more coordinated and successful policing in Weston.