COVID growing in YSW

After driving the new infection rate down in early August, Weston and Mount Dennis are seeing a small resurgence in COVID cases, right before schools reopen.

A month ago, there had been three new cases in 21 days in Weston, and 4 cases in Mount Dennis.

Numbers for the 21 days preceding August 6
Numbers for the 21 days preceding August 6

This week, the numbers were worse. There were 12 new cases in the past three weeks, all outside healthcare facilities. There were six ‘sporadic’ cases in Mount Dennis, and one in a healthcare facility.

Hassan has op-ed in The Star

Our MPP, Faisal Hassan, wrote an op-ed for The Star arguing that the province is “ignoring ‘heroes’ in city’s northwest corner”.

Yet, my community has been neglected by the Ford government when it comes to access to testing for COVID-19.

For months, my constituents have contacted me to express frustration with not having local access to testing. In June, I wrote to the premier and minister of health outlining the need for testing facilities in York South—Weston. I suggested bringing in local pop-up testing, and using the former Humber Memorial site at 200 Church Street as a testing facility. Months later, they haven’t responded.

Bikeshare free on Wednesdays–and ebikes are available

Weston recently got a Bikeshare corral, and now the CAA has sponsored free rides every Wednesday. (The rides remain limited to 30 minutes, however.)

Bikeshare also now has pedal-assist ebikes! They’re not common, and there are none available in Weston at the moment—but they may soon be. Riders can use ebikes for the same rate as normal Bikeshare bikes, with only one extra restriction: riders need helmets. Notably, the bikes can be dropped off at any corral, including Weston’s.