Weston streets to get a little tidier

Weston Road can sometimes be a little slummy… and I mean that in a nice way! Slums are the airport terminals of neighbourhoods: they’re where people start new lives and leave behind old ones. They’re full of promise and drama. And like airport terminals, slums are awful places to live. So while Weston is no … Continue reading “Weston streets to get a little tidier”

Loan-shop crackdown starting

The Etobicoke-York Community Council voted this week to inspect many (but not all) of the payday loan shops in Weston. Payday loan shops are very common in Weston, but their social value is dubious. Stores such as Money Mart and Cash Money offer small loans at high interest rates for short durations, among other services. … Continue reading “Loan-shop crackdown starting”